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          英語?英語 日語?日語 韓語?韓語 法語?法語 德語?德語 西班牙語?西班牙語 意大利語?意大利語 阿拉伯語?阿拉伯語 葡萄牙語?葡萄牙語 越南語?越南語 俄語?俄語 芬蘭語?芬蘭語 泰語?泰語 泰語?丹麥語 泰語?對外漢語
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             《牛津英語》由譯林出版社和牛津大學出版社聯合編寫出版。通過在南京和蘇州開始的試用,取得了非常良好的效果,己在省內全面推廣。有人認為新教材在教育觀念和編排體系上的改革力度是八十年代以來最大的一次。它帶給我們一線教師的沖擊無疑是巨大的?! ?、根據國家義務教育課程標準編寫,體觀新課標的教學理念?!?、教材注重學生的全面發展,開發學生的自主學習精神和實踐能力。3、教材內容聯系社會生活,富有時代氣息,體現時代精神?! ?、編排體例突破傳統模式,體現語言教學的整體性和綜合性。高中英語專題          牛津英語高三上單詞           牛津英語高三下單詞 





          • 高中英語牛津版高三上學期CHAPTER ONE

            [00:-2.00]HELPING PEOPLE [00:-3.00]STUDENTS GO HUNGRY FOR CHARITY [00:-4.00]Students at New Point School enjoyed their breakfast more than usual yesterday [00:-5.00]for it broke a 24-hour sponsored fast. [00:-6.00]The students had all volunteered to...

          • 高中英語牛津版高三上學期CHAPTER TWO

            [00:-2.00]PENANG [00:-3.00]An island of uncrowded beaches,beautiful countryside and historic temples, [00:-4.00]Penang is a mere 15 miles long and 9 miles wide [00:-5.00]washed by the waters of the Straits of Malacca just off Malaysia's west coast [0...

          • 牛津高中英語高三上學期CHAPTER THREE

            [00:-1.00]PLANNING FOR THE PERFECT WEDDING [00:-2.00]A FOREVER FLOWERS [00:-3.00]Contact our experienced florist for a consultation. [00:-4.00]We will provide bouquets to match your wedding dress. [00:-5.00]Reception flowers a speciality. [00:-6.00]R...

          • 高中英語牛津版高三上學期CHAPTER FOUR

            00:-1.00]The Body Shop [00:-2.00]The cosmetics industry is involved in selling dreams. [00:-3.00]It promises to make you younger and more beautiful. [00:-4.00]It promises that all your dreams will come true [00:-5.00]if you use a certain type of sham...

          • 高中英語牛津版高三上學期CHAPTER FIVE

            [00:-2.00]SICK BUILDINGS [00:-3.00]A wealthy American businessman [00:-4.00]has just bought a small insurance company in South east Asia. [00:-5.00]He has not visited it yet. [00:-6.00]After he bought it,he heard that the staff were often sick. [00:-...

          • 高中英語牛津版高三下學期CHAPTER ONE

            [00:-1.00]Ever since the beginning of history, [00:-2.00]people have dreamed of interplanetary travel. [00:-3.00]For centuries, [00:-4.00]these dreams have remained dreams.But within about 30 years from now, [00:-5.00]the first people from Earth will...

          • 牛津高中英語高三下學期CHAPTER TWO

            [00:-1.00]A WOMAN'S PLACE IS IN THE HOME [00:-2.00]Chairperson and fellow students, [00:-3.00]1.Replying to such a well-argued speech is not easy,but I will try. [00:-4.00]As you know,I'm speaking against this motion. [00:-5.00]I wish to make three m...

          • 高中英語牛津版高三下學期CHAPTER THREE

            [00:-1.00]FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR FUTURE [00:-2.00]by Meg Pan [00:-3.00]If you need any help in planning your future, [00:-4.00]call in at the Education and Careers Expo, [00:-5.00]which opened at the City Convention and Exhibition Centre yesterday. [00:...

          • 牛津高中英語高三下學期CHAPTER FOUR

            [00:02.90]Reading Page 64 and 65 [00:09.46]The Wonders of Dolphins [00:13.90]1.Here's a true story.In June 1990, Keith,Steve and Dave, three friends, [00:25.16]were fishing about 35 miles off the east coast of America when their boat sank [00:34.22]T...

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