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          英語?英語 日語?日語 韓語?韓語 法語?法語 德語?德語 西班牙語?西班牙語 意大利語?意大利語 阿拉伯語?阿拉伯語 葡萄牙語?葡萄牙語 越南語?越南語 俄語?俄語 芬蘭語?芬蘭語 泰語?泰語 泰語?丹麥語 泰語?對外漢語
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          • 考試蟲2004磨耳朵考研詞匯 unit 1 2003/06/18 9 1A A abandon, the search was abandoned when night came. abide, I have to abide by the contract that I have signed. able(to), who is able to answer the question. abolish, slavery was aboli
          • 考試蟲2004磨耳朵考研詞匯 unit 2 9 1B bud, the trees are budding and spring is near. budget, we have budget ten thousand dollars for advertising. bug, the detective bugged the suspect's telephone. build, reading builds up the mind. b
          • 考試蟲2004磨耳朵考研詞匯 unit 3 9 2A crazy, he is crazy with delight. create, tourism creates jobs for people. creative, the engineers developed a creative solution to the problem. credit, it takes 124 credits for a student to gradu
          • 考試蟲2004磨耳朵考研詞匯 unit 4 9 2B exist, the city has existed for hundreds of years. expand, metal expands when heated. expect, she is expected to be here next Wednesday. expel, the new government expelled all foreign diplomats.
          • 考試蟲2004磨耳朵考研詞匯 unit 5 9 3A impair, his hearing was impaired after the explosion. impartial, the judge decided the case impartially. implement, the committee's suggestions will be implemented immediately. implicit, the thre
          • 考試蟲2004磨耳朵考研詞匯 unit 6 9 3B nod, the chairman nodded at me to continue. noisy, the night was noisy with crackers. nominal, his position as head of the firm is purely nominal. nominate, he was nominated for the mayor. nonsen
          • 考試蟲2004磨耳朵考研詞匯 unit 7 9 4A at random, the sample is collected at random. range, the librarian ranged the books by size. rank, they have won high rank in the specialties. rare ,the higher we go above the earth, the rarer th
          • 考試蟲2004磨耳朵考研詞匯 unit 8 9 4B starve, because there is no food, people are starving. stay, the garden had to stay exactly as it was. steady, steady that ladder for me, please. in step, they were walking in step. step by step,
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