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          • 聽廣告學英語-Nouvisage Shapes& Deep-Hydration Mask 除皺面 聽廣告學英語:Nouvisage Shapes Deep-Hydration Mask 除皺面 Skin that shines, that radiates* with that healthy glow. It can happen with Nouvisage. Nouvisage represents the greatest breakthrough in bearty in decades. Using the science of trans-dermal* p
          • 聽廣告學英語-Hugo 雨果香水 聽廣告學英語:Hugo 雨果香水 原文: Woman: I like the exceptions to the royalty. Man: I like crossroads, the choices, changing the plan. I like Hugo. Woman: And Hugo Woman, the fragrances from Hugo Boss. Man: Don't like it? Don't get it. Woman: Hugo.
          • 聽廣告學英語-Calvin Klein 凱文·克力香水 聽廣告學英語:Calvin Klein 凱文克力香水 原文: What I want from someone, honesty, generosity, kindness, somebody that laughs at my jokes. Independence, I mean I want somebody who doesn't need me. I mean somebody really, really wants me, he doesn't ne
          • 聽廣告學英語-Neutrogena Liguid 紐翠吉娜護膚液 聽廣告學英語:Neutrogena Liguid 紐翠吉娜護膚液 原文: What I want from someone, honesty, generosity, kindness, somebody that laughs at my jokes. Independence, I mean I want somebody who doesn't need me. I mean somebody really, really wants me, he doe
          • 聽廣告學英語-Chanel No.5(Hair Shape Liquid) 聽廣告學英語:Chanel No.5(Hair Shape Liquid) 原文 Woman1:(singing)I want to be loved by you, just you, nobody else but you. I want to be loved by you, alone, bu, bu...be do. (saying)You know what I mean? No.5! Woman2:No.5? Woman3:No.5! Woman4:Oh, No.
          • 聽廣告學英語-Tommy Fragrance 湯米香水 聽廣告學英語:Tommy Fragrance 湯米香水 原文 Tommy, the new American fragrance from Tommy La Kleur. 譯文 (畫面上歡跑的青年,汽車里相擁相吻的戀人,五彩斑斕的美國星條旗,晶瑩透明的湯米香水。)湯米,來自湯米拉克萊爾的全新美國香水。 賞析 真正的美國精神,
          • 聽廣告學英語-Nivea Visage嫩膚霜 聽廣告學英語:Nivea Visage嫩膚霜 原文 Your skin is always in a stage of renewal, just like nature. Nivea Visage firming night supplement contains natural AHA, which boosts the skin's natural regenerative process. It helps to shed the dead skin cells
          • 聽廣告學英語-Mitsubishi GDI Engine三菱汽車引擎 聽廣告學英語:Mitsubishi GDI Engine三菱汽車引擎 Mitsubishi GDI 三菱汽車引擎 原文 It's the GDI, the engine technology of tomorrow is already being driven today. Mitsubishi's GDI engine produces more power, reduces fuel consumption, and emits less carb
          • 聽廣告學英語-Motor Show 車展 聽廣告學英語:Motor Show 展 原文:The Asia Pacific International Motor Show, a marine exhibition presents a dizzying(dazzling) array of luxury cars, classic cars, sleek cars, yachts, boats, and water sports. Amazing new product launches, expert advic
          • 聽廣告學英語-Toyota 豐田汽車之皇冠汽車 聽廣告學英語:Toyota 豐田汽車之皇冠汽車 原文:As Hong Kong's biggest car dealership, crown motors excels in its service to customers. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we serve our customers better and faster. At Crown motors we continu
          • 聽廣告學英語-Lexus car 凌治轎車 聽廣告學英語:Lexus car 凌治轎車 原文:(Titles: A word of adivce: Don't blink.) The new Lexus DS300. 譯文:(字幕:建議你別眨眼。畫面上凌治車在高速飛奔,性能良好。)新型DS300凌治轎車。 賞析:極具飽和度的色彩,動感十足的音樂,讓人過目不忘,印象尤為深
          • 聽廣告學英語-Lexus LS400 car 凌治轎車 聽廣告學英語:Lexus LS400 car 凌治轎車 原文:The sleek beauty of the new LEXUS LS400, its V8 blast with an awesome* power. The power, The figure, Highly intelligent, Variable without thinking, LEXUS LS400. Brain power. 譯文:柔美的新型凌治LS400轎車,
          • 聽廣告學英語-LEXUS the new 1998 Is400 凌治新款 1998Is400 聽廣告學英語:LEXUS the new 1998 Is400 凌治新款 1998Is400 原文:Introducing the all-new 1998 LEXUS LS400. Redesigned with sleeker* lines, richer amenities* and with a far more potent* 284 horse power engine, it's quite possibly the fastest, quichest,
          • 聽廣告學英語-Opel car 歐寶汽車 聽廣告學英語:Opel car 歐寶汽車 原文:You couldn't come across here until we built a bridge. Everbody called it a work of art. Maybe art is technology. Building roads you wouldn't think possible. Creating cars you couldn't imagine. The Opel Electra-a
          • 聽廣告學英語-Dowell Motors Range Rovers汽車 聽廣告學英語:Dowell Motors Range Rovers汽車 原文:At the height of his career, everyone seeks to distance himself from the work who made him successful. The Range Rover. Because a man's success is measured by what he does at play. 譯文:在事業的輝煌
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