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          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第一章 鏡子屋(1) 1. Looking-glass house 1. 鏡子屋 One thing was certain, it was the black kitten that began it all. 小黑貓是這個故事的緣起,這是肯定的。 The white kitten had been unable to do anything for the last quarter of an hour, because the
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第一章 鏡子屋(2) In another moment Alice was through the glass and had jumped down into the looking-glass room. 片刻之后,愛麗絲鉆入鏡子,跳進了鏡子屋。 At once she began looking around and noticed that several things were very different from the
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第一章 鏡子屋(3) Alice watched as the White King slowly began to climb the table leg. 白方國王開始緩慢地往桌腿上爬,愛麗絲觀望著。 Then she said, 'It will take you hours to get up. Why don't I help you?' 然后她說:你爬上桌面得費幾小時
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第二章 會說話的花園(1) 2 The garden of live flowers 2. 會說話的花園 There was a small hill not far away and Alice decided to walk to it. 不遠處有座小山丘,愛麗絲決定步行到那邊去。 'I shall be able to see the garden better from the top of the hill
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第二章 會說話的花園(2) When she had seen her by the fireplace, the Queen had been only eight centimetres high. Now she was taller than Alice herself! 那次在壁爐邊看見王后時,她只有8厘米高,而今竟比愛麗絲還高些。 'I think I'll go and meet her,'
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第二章 會說話的花園(3) Alice never did understand how it happened, but she had no time to think about it because they were running so fast. 愛麗絲還摸不著頭腦這是怎么一回事。但是她們跑得太快了,沒有時間去考慮這個問題。 'Faster! Faster
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第三章 鏡中動物(1) 3. Looking-glass animals 3.鏡中動物 Alice stood at the top of the hill and looked down. 愛麗絲站在山頂上向下面看。 'Which way should I go?' she wondered. 她心里納悶:我該走哪條路? On one side she could see, a long way
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第三章 鏡中動物(2) 'No, I won't!' Alice said crossly. 'I don't belong to this railway journey at all. 愛麗絲生氣地應聲道:不,我不買!我根本不屬于這次列車。 I was in a wood just now, and I wish I could get back there.' 剛才我還在樹林里,
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第三章 鏡中動物(3) 'Don't they?' said the Insect. 'There's a wood down there,for example, where things have no names.' 是嗎?譬如那邊有一片樹林,里邊的東西就沒有名字。昆蟲說道。 Alice looked round, and saw a dark wood on the other side of a
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第四章 特威丹與特威帝(1) 4 Tweedledum and Tweedledee 4.特威丹與特威帝 Alice knew immediately which one was which, because each had his name on his shirt. 愛麗絲一下子就把這對孿生兄弟辨認出來了,因為襯衫上都標明了名字。 They were stand
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第四章 特威丹與特威帝(2) It was a very long poem indeed- all about a Walrus and a Carpenter, 那真是首長詩,講的是海象與木匠 who went for a walk along a beach and invited lots of young Oysters to go with them. 去海邊散步,并邀請許多小牡蠣同往。
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第四章 特威丹與特威帝(3) 'He's dreaming now,' said Tweedledee, 'and what do you think he's dreaming about?' 特威帝說:他在做夢呢。你說他在做什么夢? 'Nobody can guess that,' said Alice. 誰也不會猜到的,愛麗絲答道。 'Why, about you!' Tweedled
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第五章 白方王后(1) 5 The White Queen 5.白方王后 She caught the shawl as she spoke, and looked around for the owner. 講話的當兒,她抓住了披肩,四處張望,尋找主人。 A moment later the White Queen came running wildly through the wood. 片刻之后
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第五章 白方王后(2) 'I only remember things one way,' Alice said. 'I can't remember things before they happen.' 我只能用一種方法記住事情。我不會記住那些還沒有發生過的事情。愛麗絲說。 'That's not very useful,' said the Queen. 王后說:
          • 《愛麗絲鏡中奇遇記》 第五章 白方王后(3) Alice laughed. 'There's no use trying,' she said. 'Nobody can believe impossible things.' 愛麗絲笑了,說:試也沒用,沒人會相信不可能的事。 'Perhaps you don't work hard enough at it,' said the Queen. 王后說:也許你不夠努
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