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          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 01愛麗絲的險境 Sir, shoals on every side.Sand or reef, I cannot say. 先生 四面都是淺灘 不知道是沙灘還是礁石 Captain, the malay pirates have us cornered. We must surrender. 船長 馬來的海盜把我們圍困住了 必須棄船投降 Surrendering
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 02愛麗絲歸來 The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible. Set a course for London, Harper. Our work here is done. 戰勝不可能的唯一辦法就是要相信凡事皆有可能 把航線設往倫敦 哈珀 這里的任務已經完成了 C
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 03愛麗絲與母親敘舊 Your letters were so infrequent.I hardly know where you've been all this time. 你寫給我的信太少了 我簡直搞不清你前后都去過哪里 Mother, China's incredible. We followed the yangtze deep into the interior. Most of the people had n
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 04愛麗絲參加晚宴 I do wish you'd worn that yellow dress. 你要是穿那件黃色的連衣裙就好了 If it's good enough for the dowager empress of China... Then it's good enough for the ascots. 我這一身覲見清朝皇太后都沒問題 到艾斯科家更沒問題
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 05愛麗絲遭拒 Apologies for the intrusion, lord ascot... But I've come to give my report. 冒昧前來打擾 請男爵見諒 我來是為了陳述情況 Of course. Follow me, miss kingsleigh. 好的 隨我來 金斯利小姐 Gentlemen, might I introduce miss Alice
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 06愛麗絲的抉擇 You can't do this. 你不能這么做 I own ten percent of the company. 我有公司十分之一的股份 Your father set those shares aside for me. 是你父親留給我的公司股份 Correction. 糾正一點 He gave them to your mother... Who sold
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 07放棄不可能的任務 I once believed I could do as many as six impossible things before breakfast. 我曾相信自己每天吃早餐之前就能做六件不可能的事 That is a child's dream, Alice.The wonder is just a ship. 那些事孩子的幻想 愛麗絲 奇跡號不
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 08愛麗絲進入魔鏡 She had spent months up river. Dressed like she'd gone native. Of course, it's known to do strange things to a man's mind, let alone a woman's. 在海上待過幾個月 她曾經穿得像土著人似的 當然 男人都知道她做事邪乎得很 女人
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 09愛麗絲的魔鏡之旅 Curiouser and curiouser. 真是越來越神奇了 Oh, no, not again! 別倒 別又摔我 All my horses. All my men. To the rescue. All the pieces together first, chaps. In a pile, over here. 全部馬匹 全體人員前去營救 全部棋子集合 將士
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 10愛麗絲回到仙境 Alice. Oh, Alice. Thank goodness you're finally here. 愛麗絲 愛麗絲 謝天謝地你終于來了 It's that girl again. 我們又見到她了 Alice. You're back. 愛麗絲 你回來啦 Don't be nice to her. She's late. 別對她那么好 她來遲了
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 11瘋帽子 Hatter was perfectly hatterish.Until... That blue paper hat... Somehow put him in mind... Of his family's tragedy.Slain by the jabberwocky, on horunvendush day...Many years ago.He's just not himself anymore. But, if anything could bring the hatter ba
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 12瘋帽子的希望 But you've always been Alice.And that's how I know you'll believe me. 因為你是愛麗絲 所以我知道你會相信我的 I've missed you, hatter. 我好想你 瘋帽子 It's my family, Alice. 是因為我的家人 Your family? 你的家人 Yes.
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 13瘋帽子的請求 Hatter... Your family... 瘋帽子 你的家人他們 You... Do believe me, don't you, Alice? 你是相信我的 對嗎 愛麗絲 I want to. Hatter! You're not well. What can I do? 我很想 但 瘋帽子 你狀態很差 我能幫你什么 Of course.
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 14喚醒瘋帽子的方法 You... Are not you. 你已經不是過去的你了 Hatter, please. 瘋帽子 別這樣 Get out. I don't know who you are. You're not my Alice. My Alice would believe me. 馬上出去 我不知道你是誰 你不是我的愛麗絲 我的愛麗絲會相信
          • 《愛麗絲夢游仙境》精講 15超時空魔球 Go back into the past and save the hatter's family. If the hatter's delusion is made true... Then he would be made well again. 回到過去把瘋帽子的家人救出來 如果把瘋帽子的幻想變成現實 那他就會好起來的 恢復正常 Go
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