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          • Lesson 1 Self Introduction My name is Robert. My friends call me Bob. I am twenty years old. I am Chinese. I come from Beijing. There are six people in my family. I have one younger sister and two older brothers. We are not rich, but we are a happy family. 自我介紹 我叫羅
          • Lesson 2 Nice to Meet You Mike : Hi! My name is Mike. Nancy: Hi! I'm Nancy. Nice to meet you. Mike: Nice to meet you, too. Nancy: Where are you from? Mike: I'm from Shanghai. And you? Nancy: I'm from Chicago. 幸會 邁克:嗨!我叫邁克。 南希:嗨!我叫南希。幸會
          • lesson 3 My Family My father is a teacher. He works during the day. My mother is a nurse. She works at night. They only see each other on the week- ends. My brothers, my sister and I don't work. We are students. Because
          • Lesson 4 What Do You Do? Tony: What do you do, Jenny? Jenny: I'm a secretary. And you? Tony: I'm a construction worker. Jenny: Do you like your work? Tony: Yes, 1 do. How about you? Jenny: Well, I want to be an actress. 你是做什么的? 托尼:詹妮,你是做什么的
          • Lesson 5 Tony and His Family I have a good friend. His name is Tony. He has an older sister. Her name is Tina. Their parent
          • Lesson 6 Is This Your Dog? Mrs. Lee: Is this your dog? Tony : Yes, it is. Why? Mrs. Lee: Well, your dog chases my cat. Tony : Oh, I'm sorry. Mrs. Lee: Please keep your dog on a leash. Tony : Yes, ma'am. 這是你的狗嗎? 李太太:這是你的狗嗎? 托 尼:是的。怎么
          • Lesson 7 Tony and Tina Tony and Tina are very different. Tony likes music. Tina doesn't. Tony is an athlete. Tina isn't. On the other hand, Tina likes movies, but Tony doesn't. She is a good student, but he isn't. Tony and
          • Lesson 8 Do You Speak Spanish? Joe : Do you speak Spanish? Jeannic: No, I don't, Joe : Does he speak Spanish? Jeannie: Yes, he does. Joe : Is he from Spain? Jeannie: No, he isn't. He's from Mexico. 你會說西班牙語嗎? 喬 :你會說西班牙語嗎? 吉妮:不,我不會。 喬 :他會說西班牙語嗎?
          • Lesson 9 A Busy Family It's a busy day at the Wangs' house. Mr. Wang is fixing his bike. Mrs. Wang is writ- ing a letter. Tina is reading a book. Tony is exercising. Even the dog is busy. It's chasing a cat. The cat is running for its life. The Wangs are busy, but they're
          • Lesson 10 What Are You Doing? Betty and Bob are talking on the telephone. Betty: Hi, Bob. What are you doing? Bob : I'm watching TV. How about you? Betty: I'm doing my homework. Bob : You are a good student, Betty. 你在做什么? 貝蒂和鮑勃在講電話。 貝蒂:嗨,鮑勃
          • Lesson 11 My Foreign Classmates There are several foreign students in my class. John is American. He's from the United States, Laura is Spanish, She's from Spain. Chen and Huang are Chinese, but they are not from China. They're from
          • Lesson 12 Where's Chen from? A: Where's Chen from? B: He's from Malaysia. A: Really? He looks Chinese. B: As a matter of fact, he is Chinese, but he really is from Malaysia. A: That's very interesting. 小陳是哪國人? 甲:小陳是哪一國人? 乙:他是馬來西亞人。
          • Lesson 13 Nobody Is at Home Nobody is at home at the Wangs' house. Mr.Wang is working in his office.Mrs.Wang is shopping at the supermarket. Tony is sitting on the bus.He's on his way to the gym. Tina is studying at the library.
          • Lesson 14 Why Are You Smiling? Mary: Why are you smiling? Tony: I'm thinking about school. Mary: Why does that make you smile? Tony: Because there is no school tomorrow. Mary: Oh, I see. Tony: Now you're smiling, too! 你為什么在微笑? 瑪麗:你為什么在微笑? 托尼:
          • Lesson 15 Mrs.Lee's Kitchen There are mice in Mrs. Lee's kitchen! There's a mouse on the kitchen table. There's a mouse behind the stove. There are mice next to the refrigerator, under the sink and inside the cupboard! Why isn't
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