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             安徒生(1805~1875),丹麥著名童話作家。這位童話大師一生堅持不懈地進行創作,把他的天才和生命獻給了“未來的一代”,直到去世前三年,共寫了168篇童話和故事。他的作品被譯成80多種語言和文字。 安徒生童話具有獨特的藝術風格:即詩意的美和喜劇性的幽默。前者為主導風格,多體現在歌頌性的童話中,后者多體現在諷刺性的童話中。




          • 安徒生童話 Lesson1:THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES Many years ago, there was an Emperor, who was so excessively fond of new clothes, that he spent all his money in dress. He did not trouble himself in the least about his soldiers; nor did he care to go either to the theatre
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson2:THE SWINEHERD THE SWINEHERD There was once a poor Prince, who had a kingdom. His kingdom was very small, but still quite large enough to marry upon; and he wished to marry. It was certainly rather cool of him to say to the Emperor's daughter, Will you have me? Bu
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson3:THE REAL PRINCESS THE REAL PRINCESS There was once a Prince who wished to marry a Princess; but then she must be a real Princess. He travelled all over the world in hopes of finding such a lady; but there was always something wrong. Princesses he found in plenty; but
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson4:THE SHOES OF FORTUNE THE SHOES OF FORTUNE (注:中英譯文有出入) I. A Beginning Every author has some peculiarity in his descriptions or in his style of writing. Those who do not like him, magnify it, shrug up their shoulders, and exclaim--there he is again! I,
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson5:THE FIR TREE THE FIR TREE Out in the woods stood a nice little Fir Tree. The place he had was a very good one: the sun shone on him: as to fresh air, there was enough of that, and round him grew many large-sized comrades, pines as well as firs. But the little Fi
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson6:THE SNOW QUEEN THE SNOW QUEEN FIRST STORY. Which Treats of a Mirror and of the Splinters Now then, let us begin. When we are at the end of the story, we shall know more than we know now: but to begin. Once upon a time there was a wicked sprite, indeed he was the m
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson7:THE LEAP-FROG THE LEAP-FROG A Flea, a Grasshopper, and a Leap-frog once wanted to see which could jump highest; and they invited the whole world, and everybody else besides who chose to come to see the festival. Three famous jumpers were they, as everyone would s
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson8:THE ELDERBUSH THE ELDERBUSH Once upon a time there was a little boy who had taken cold. He had gone out and got his feet wet; though nobody could imagine how it had happened, for it was quite dry weather. So his mother undressed him, put him to bed, and had the t
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson9:THE BELL THE BELL People said The Evening Bell is sounding, the sun is setting. For a strange wondrous tone was heard in the narrow streets of a large town. It was like the sound of a church-bell: but it was only heard for a moment, for the rolling of the ca
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson10:THE OLD HOUSE THE OLD HOUSE In the street, up there, was an old, a very old house--it was almost three hundred years old, for that might be known by reading the great beam on which the date of the year was carved: together with tulips and hop-binds there were who
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson11:THE HAPPY FAMILY THE HAPPY FAMILY Really, the largest green leaf in this country is a dock-leaf; if one holds it before one, it is like a whole apron, and if one holds it over one's head in rainy weather, it is almost as good as an umbrella, for it is so immensely l
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson12:THE STORY OF A MOTHER THE STORY OF A MOTHER A mother sat there with her little child. She was so downcast, so afraid that it should die! It was so pale, the small eyes had closed themselves, and it drew its breath so softly, now and then, with a deep respiration, as if i
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson14:THE SHADOW The Shadow It is in the hot lands that the sun burns, sure enough! there the peoplebecome quite a mahogany brown, ay, and in the hottest lands they are burnt toNegroes. But now it was only to the hot lands that a learned man had come fromthe cold; t
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson15:THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL Most terribly cold it was; it snowed, and was nearly quite dark, and evening-- the last evening of the year. In this cold and darkness there went along the street a poor little girl, bareheaded, and with naked feet. When she lef
          • 安徒生童話 Lesson16:THE DREAM OF LITTLE TUK THE DREAM OF LITTLE TUK Ah! yes, that was little Tuk: in reality his name was not Tuk, but that was what he called himself before he could speak plain: he meant it for Charles, and it is all well enough if one does but know it. He had now to take ca
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