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          英語(yǔ)?英語(yǔ) 日語(yǔ)?日語(yǔ) 韓語(yǔ)?韓語(yǔ) 法語(yǔ)?法語(yǔ) 德語(yǔ)?德語(yǔ) 西班牙語(yǔ)?西班牙語(yǔ) 意大利語(yǔ)?意大利語(yǔ) 阿拉伯語(yǔ)?阿拉伯語(yǔ) 葡萄牙語(yǔ)?葡萄牙語(yǔ) 越南語(yǔ)?越南語(yǔ) 俄語(yǔ)?俄語(yǔ) 芬蘭語(yǔ)?芬蘭語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?泰語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?丹麥語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?對外漢語(yǔ)
          詞匯量測試當前位置: 首頁(yè)>聽(tīng)力教程>背誦為王第四冊>


           《背誦為王》( An English Reader )是全國首套以背誦為主的英語(yǔ)學(xué)習教材,由華東 師范大學(xué)博士生導師鄒為誠 教授親自主持編寫(xiě),華東師范大學(xué)出版社出版。涵概了幾百余篇優(yōu)美散文、激情演講、經(jīng)典小說(shuō)、幽默笑話(huà)等,全方位地展現了英語(yǔ)語(yǔ)言國家的傳統與文化。優(yōu)美地發(fā)音,地道地表達,新穎地選材,使本書(shū)自發(fā)行起便成為英語(yǔ)學(xué)習教材中的一個(gè)典范;技巧性地背誦,階梯式地學(xué)習,深受數以千萬(wàn)計的英語(yǔ)學(xué)習者和愛(ài)好者的推崇。全書(shū)凝聚了編者一貫嚴謹治學(xué)的態(tài)度與激情,是一套集豐富的知識性,精湛的實(shí)用性與濃郁的趣味性于一體的英語(yǔ)學(xué)習教材。
             《背誦為王》從基本的發(fā)音、語(yǔ)音和語(yǔ)調開(kāi)始,讓您逐步在背誦中學(xué)會(huì )使用英語(yǔ)的基本詞匯、語(yǔ)法及句型結構。學(xué)好本書(shū),是打好英語(yǔ)基本功的關(guān)鍵;掌握本書(shū),才能真正踏進(jìn)英語(yǔ)學(xué)習之門(mén)。





          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 01 課添加文本 Lesson1 Power of Architecture Architecture is to be regarded by us with the most serious thought. We may live without her, and worship without her, but we cannot remember without her. How cold is all history, how lifeless all imagery, compared to tha
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 02 課 Lesson2 Parent-children relationship by Bertrand Russell The value of parental affection to children lies largely in the fact that it is more reliable than any other affection. One's friends like one for one's merits, one's lovers for one's charms; i
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 03 課 Lesson3 The Computer and Privacy In the last 20 years, the productivity of the computer has increased over 1,000%. With this kind of technological advance, the possibility of storing more and more information at a central point is growing at a phenom
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 04 課 Lesson4 Work In the laws of political economy, the alienation of the worker from his product is expressed as follow: the more the worker produces, the less he has to consume; the more value he creates, the more valueless, the more unworthy he becomes
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 05 課 Lesson5 A Tip for Readers Living Alone For years my Great Aunt Maud lived alone in a remote cottage beside a road in the Welsh hills. Yet she was never afraid of being attacked or robbed because she had devised a unique way of protecting herself. Han
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 06 課 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 06 課
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 07 課 Lesson7 On the Industrialization The process of industrialization involved the harnessing of inanimate sources of energy, the replacement of handicraft production with machine-based manufacturing, and the generation of new forms of business and labor
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 08 課 Lesson8 Air Rage Forty years ago, Americans planning a long trip overwhelmingly chose to travel by car or train, or if going overseas, by ship. Air travel was still a relatively expensive means of transportation favoured by wealthy Americans. These d
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 09 課 Lesson9 Police Life The average citizen in the United States has very little personal contact with the police. Contacts most frequently occur in two contexts: Americans sometimes approach a policeman to ask for street directions; and police sometimes
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 10 課 Lesson10 The Country Maid and Her Milk Can A country maid was walking along with a can of milk upon her head, when she fell into the following train of reflections: The money for which I shall sell this milk will enable me to increase my stock of egg
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 11 課 Lesson11 English Spelling English spelling is a headache for native and non-native speakers alike. As a student of mine once commented, English spelling must have been invented by one of the devil's helpers. Do we need a spelling reform? At first, th
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 12 課 Lesson12 Short-term and Long-term Memory A well-established distinction in memory theory is that between short-term and long-term memory. The former refers to our ability to do such things as remember telephone numbers long enough to dial them; the l
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 13 課 Lesson13 Changes of Life Caused by Computers and Automobiles The computer and the automobile, the mainstays of modern life, share similar pasts. The computer, which has only recently become a common feature of most people's homes and offices, had its
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 14 課 Lesson14 Habit of Reading I read a lot of history, a little philosophy, and a good deal of science. My curiosity was too great to allow me to give much time to reflect on what I read; I could hardly wait to finish one book, so eager was I to begin an
          • 背誦為王 第 四 冊 第 15 課 Lesson15 Exercise for Ever! In our pursuit of good health and shapeliness, most of us think immediately of dieting. If only we could eat less, we think, we'd soon be slim, happy and life would be problem-free. It's true that dieting is one answer, th
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