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             《背誦為王》( An English Reader )是全國首套以背誦為主的英語學習教材,由華東 師范大學博士生導師鄒為誠 教授親自主持編寫,華東師范大學出版社出版。涵概了幾百余篇優美散文、激情演講、經典小說、幽默笑話等,全方位地展現了英語語言國家的傳統與文化。優美地發音,地道地表達,新穎地選材,使本書自發行起便成為英語學習教材中的一個典范;技巧性地背誦,階梯式地學習,深受數以千萬計的英語學習者和愛好者的推崇。全書凝聚了編者一貫嚴謹治學的態度與激情,是一套集豐富的知識性,精湛的實用性與濃郁的趣味性于一體的英語學習教材。




          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 01 課 1 Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people all over the world. It is also called the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. The exact date of the Spring Festival on the Western calendar changes from year to
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 02 課 2 A Teenager's Joke: Guidelines for Doing Schoolwork My school had a policy about homework. Students should not spend more than ninety minutes per night doing homework. This is how I use the time for my work. Fifteen minutes looking for assignment;
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 03 課 3 The Toad and the Frog A toad saw a frog near the road. He was a fat old frog. He sat and moaned and groaned. The toad said, Do not moan and groan, Mr. Frog. Hop like me. Hop down the road. So the frog and the toad went down the road to a big oak tr
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 04 課 4 A was an apple pie A was an apple pie A是一個蘋果(APPLE)派 B bit it B咬了(BIT)一口蘋果派 C cut it C切開(CUT)蘋果派 D dealt it D來分發(DEALT)蘋果派 E eat it E吃了(EAT)一塊蘋果派 F fought for it F為了一塊蘋果派而與人打斗(FOUGHT) G got it G得到了(GOT)
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 05 課 5 Homestay in the US My name is Jenny and I did a homestay in America. When I first met my host mother, Mary, she gave me a big hug. I was really shocked because I had never been hugged before, and I wasn sure how to respond. By the time I left Ameri
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 06 課 6 Brothers and Sisters My sister is a year older than me and we've been sharing a room since I was 3 years old. We are very close, but we also fight all the time. Our fights are never serious. I can't remember the cause of our fights now, but they
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 07 課 7 Thirty Days Hath September (Nursery Rhyme) Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November; All the rest have thirty-one, Except for February alone, It has twenty-eight days clear, And twenty-nine on each Leap Year. hath (古英語)=has leap
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 08 課 8 Two Dumplings A young man had a small business. He worked very hard, and he made a lot of money. One day, he had dinner with a businessman. He wanted the man to become his business partner. When they finished the dinner, there were two dumplings le
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 09 課 9 A Visit to the City Centre On their first day in the capital, Diana and Peter visited the Old Tower which stood on a hill near the city centre. There were stairs leading to the top, but Diana and Peter decided to take the lift. At the top there was
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 10 課 10 Rain, Rain, Go Away(Nursery Rhyme) Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day. Rain, rain, go to Spain, Never show your face again. Rain, rain, pour down, But not a drop on our town. Rain on the green grass, And rain on the tree, And rain on th
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 11 課 11 An Embarrassing Show The day of the school science fair had finally arrived, and Lisa was both nervous and excited. She couldn't wait to show off her volcano model at the fair. She might even win the first prize! As Lisa was setting up her volcano
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 12 課 12 Humour Things Your Mother Wouldnt Say Be good and I'll buy you a motorcycle for your birthday! How on earth can you see the TV sitting so far back? Don's bother wearing a jacket it's quite warm out. Let me smell that shirt yeah, it's good for anot
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 13 課 13 Dogs People often say that a dog is man's best friend. Over thousands of years, man has taught his dogs to do many kinds of work besides guarding the home. For example, sheepdogs are famous for their ability to control a flock of hundreds of sheep
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 14 課
          • 背誦為王 第 一 冊 第 15 課 15 What is Time? (Nursery Rhyme) Time is grain for peasants. Time is wealth for workers. Time is life for doctors. Time is victory for soldiers. Time is knowledge for students. Time is speed for scientists. Time is money for businessmen. Time is ev
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