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          • 標準美國英語口語 01 Saying Greetings and Good-bye Standard America English unit 1 saying greetings and goodbye問候與道別 1. Good moring,Mr. Carder!早上好,卡特先生! 2. How are you?你好嗎 3. I'm fine,thanks.How about yourself?我很好,謝謝。你呢? 4. Things couldn't be bett
          • 標準美國英語口語 02 Talking About Oneself and Others 21.Hello,my name is mark Erikson. 22.Hi,glad to meet you,Mark. 23.Where are you from, Karen? 24.I'm from Huston. 25.I was born in Taiwan.But now I'm an American citizen. 26.I work for Nancy. 27.Where do you work? 28.I'm an elementary school teacher i
          • 標準美國英語口語 03 Talking about likes and dislikes UNIT3: Talking about likes and dislikes. 41. How do you like Dr.Seuss's Horton Hatches and Egg? 42. I like it. 43. I like it very much. 44. I love it. 45. What do you think of last night's movie? 46. The story's boring. 47. I didn't like the movie we
          • 標準美國英語口語 04 Talking About What One Needs UNIT 4: Talking About What One Needs? 61. I am hungry and thirsty. I need a hamburger and a large glass of orange juice. 62. It's so hot, he needs shorts not long pants. 63. It's so cold, she needs a warm fur hat and scarf. 64. As a writer, he needs
          • 標準美國英語口語 05 Unit Five Asking the Way Standard American English Unit Five Asking the Way 81. Excuse me,where is the bathroom? 82. Excuse me,could you show me the way to the nearest post office? 83. Walk straight, turn right at the traffic light, and youll see the post office. You cant mi
          • 標準美國英語口語 06 Talking About Time and Dates Unit Six Talking about time and date 101.Excuse me,what time is it now? 102.It is 7:45 a.m. 103.The bank opens at 8:00 a.m.,and closes at 5:30 p.m. 104.When does this store close? 105.It closes at 10:00 p.m. during weekdays and at midnight on Saturda
          • 標準美國英語口語 07 Talking about everyday activities Unit Seven Talking about everyday activities 121.What do you usually do at night? 122.I watch TV at night. 123.At night Tom writes email to his friends all over the world. 124.What does Jim usually do on Sundays? 125.On Sundays Jim stays at home and
          • 標準美國英語口語 08 Talking About Families Unit Eight Talking About Families 141 How many people are there in your family? 142 There are fifteen people in my family. 143 My family is big and traditional. 144 My grandparents, parents,unmarried aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, a cat and
          • 標準美國英語口語 09 Hospitals Unit 9 Hospitals 161.I have a pain in my abdomen. 162. How long have you been like that? 163.I have (a) back pain. 164.I have a pain in my chest. 165.I have a dull pain in my stomach. 166.I have the flu. 167.I have a sore throat and a bad cough. 168.
          • 標準美國英語口語 10 Talking About Dreams Unit Ten Talking About Dreams 181.What is your dream? 182.My dream is to become a millionaire. 183.Her dream is very beautiful. 184.She dreams of becoming a movie star. 185.When i was little, I dreamed of becoming a banker and now my dream is to beco
          • 標準美國英語口語 11 The US Postal Service The US Postal Service 201 A postal office is a place where people buy stamps and send letter in paclkages. 202 You can also buy money orders from the post office. 203 I need to send the payment to immigration for my aunt's citizenship application. 20
          • 標準美國英語口語 12 Talking about food Unit 12 Talking about food 221.Usually Americans eat quick and simple breakfasts, including milk,coffee,juice, and cereal or a muffin or other type of bread. 222.On weekends,my family has big breakfasts or big branches,for pancakes, French toast and
          • 標準美國英語口語 13 Talking about the seasons Unit 13 Talking about the seasons 241. There are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, fall and winter. 242. Spring is warm and full of life. 243. In spring, days become long and nights get short. 244. In spring, flowers begin to blossom and birds
          • 標準美國英語口語 14 Talking about the weather Unit 14 Talking about the weather 261. It's a beautiful day,isn't it? 262.Yes,isn't it. 263.Look at the clear blue sky. 264.What a lovely summer day. 265.I hope the weather stays this way for the whole week. 266.It's hot and humid. 267.It's too hot t
          • 標準美國英語口語 15 Talking about languages Unit 15 Talking about languages 281.A person who speaks two languages is bilingual. 282.A person who speaks three languages is trilingual. 283.How many languages do you speak? 284.Can you speak Mandarine? 285.Can you understand your American teacher?
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