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          • 財富雜志 萎縮的中產階級(1) The vast majority of Americans consider themselves middle class. No one can quite agree, though, on what that means. 絕大多數美國人認為自己是中產階級。但對于中產階級的定義,沒人能夠達成一致意見。 Richard Reeves,
          • 財富雜志 萎縮的中產階級(2) All of which creates a challenge of measurement. 所有這些都帶來了階級衡量的挑戰。 If sizing up the middle class is difficult enough, it's that much harder to say that circumstances within this group have changed. 如果說估量中產階
          • 財富雜志 萎縮的中產階級(3) The loan comparison site LendingTree, drawing on data from the Federal Reserve, reports that as a percentage of disposable income, 借貸對比網站LendingTree根據美聯儲的數據報告稱,作為可支配收入的一部分, Americans' non-ho
          • 財富雜志 萎縮的中產階級(4) Harvard economist Raj Chetty has done some of the most acclaimed work on this historic decline. 哈佛經濟學家Raj Chetty對這一歷史性衰退進行了一些備受贊譽的研究。 In 2016, Chetty and colleagues showed that fewer than half of
          • 財富雜志 AI讓設計變得更好還是更糟(1) At Callaway, the high-end golf-equipment stalwart, the process of making clubs has always been quite labor-intensive-- 在高端高爾夫器材巨頭卡拉威,球桿的制作過程一直都是相當勞動密集型的 from grinding and polishing clu
          • 財富雜志 AI讓設計變得更好還是更糟(2) The pioneers of this evolution are computer-aided design (CAD) companies like Adobe and Autodesk, 這種演變的先鋒是電腦輔助設計(CAD)公司,如Adobe和Autodesk, as well as tech giants such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft. In 2016, A
          • 財富雜志 AI讓設計變得更好還是更糟(3) Graphic design is another area that machine learning is affecting, with the venture-backed startups Tailor Brands and Logojoy at the forefront, 平面設計是受機器學習影響的另一個領域,站在最前沿的是風投初創公司Tailor Bra
          • 財富雜志 AI讓設計變得更好還是更糟(4) Maurice Conti, chief innovation officer, Alpha, a Barcelona machine learning firm Maurice Conti,巴塞羅納機器學習公司Alpha的首席創新執行官, focusing on creating technologies that could reshape fields like health and energy. Telef
          • 財富雜志 新加坡如何做到超低價優質醫療服務?(1) Can you imagine the United States having a health care system 你能想象美國醫療系統 that delivers better outcomes than those we get today at a cost that is 75% less? 提供比現在更好的服務,而費用卻便宜了75%嗎? That number
          • 財富雜志 新加坡如何做到超低價優質醫療服務?(2) Sean Masaki Flynn's extraordinarily importantand, so far, largely ignored 肖恩馬薩基弗林尤為重要的而且,到目前為止,很大程度上被忽視了的 book The Cure That Works (Regnery, $28.99) gives the answers in straightforward pr
          • 財富雜志 新加坡如何做到超低價優質醫療服務?(3) The Singaporean government does supply subsidies for the indigent or if someone suffers some catastrophe, 新加坡政府確實為貧困人群或遭遇一些大災難的人提供補助, but unlike in the U.S., these are not budget-busters because f
          • 財富雜志 新加坡如何做到超低價優質醫療服務?(4) What about single-payer systems such as those in Canada, the U.K., France and elsewhere? 加大拿、英國、法國和其他國家的單一支付制度怎么樣呢? Flynn bluntly shows how they control expenses: by rationing. You wait and wait to
          • 財富雜志 AI如何讓老藥新用?(1) In the elegant quiet of the caf at the Church of Sweden, a narrow Gothic-style building in Midtown Manhattan, 位于曼哈頓中城區的瑞典教會是一個狹窄的哥特式建筑,在教會內的咖啡館里, Daniel Cohen is taking a break fro
          • 財富雜志 AI如何讓老藥新用?(2) In October, Pharnext reported positive results for a Phase III trial in humans of one of its drug combinations. 在10月,Pharnext報告了其一種藥物組合的第三期人體試驗的積極成果。 The compound is PXT3003, a treatment for a neu
          • 財富雜志 AI如何讓老藥新用?(3) At the dawn of modern genetic research, almost no one anticipated the enormous complexity in the biology of disease. 在現代基因研究的初期,幾乎沒有人預見到疾病生物學的巨大復雜性。 Many researchers thought the genome wou
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