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          • 第一冊第1篇:初雪 1 The first snow 初雪 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 享利?沃茲沃思?朗費羅 The first snow came. How beautiful it was, falling so silently all day long, all night long, on the mountains, on the meadows, on the roofs of the living, on the graves
          • 第一冊第2篇:蜂鳥 2 THE HUMMING-BIRD 蜂鳥 George Louis Leclerc Buffon 喬治路易勒克萊爾布封 Of all animated beings this is the most elegant in form and the most brilliant in colors. The stones and metals polished by our arts are not comparable to(1) this je
          • 第一冊第3篇:松樹 3 Pines 松樹 John Ruskin 約翰拉斯金 The pine, placed nearly always among scenes disordered and desolate, brings into them all possible elements of order and precision. Lowland trees may lean to this side and that, though it is but a meadow bre
          • 第一冊第4篇:樹 4 Trees 樹 Joyce Kilmer 喬埃斯基爾默 I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree; A tree whose hungry mouth is prest(1) Against the earths sweet flowing breast(2); A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms(3) to pra
          • 第一冊第5篇:閱讀好書 5 Reading Good Books 閱讀好書 Henry Addington Bruce H愛丁頓布魯斯 Devote some of your leisure, I repeat, to cultivating a love of reading good books. Fortunate indeed are those who contrive to make themselves genuine book-lovers. For book-
          • 第一冊第6篇:屋內蟋蟀 6 The House Cricket屋內蟋蟀 Gilbert White吉爾伯特懷特 Crickets are fond of kitchens and bakers ovens on account of (1) their warmth. Tender insects that live abroad (2) either enjoy only the short period of one summer, or else doze away (3)
          • 第一冊第7篇:論禮儀 7 On Etiquette 論禮儀 William Hazlitt 威廉黑茲利特 Etiquette to society is what apparel is to the individual. Without apparel men would go in shameful nudity which would surely lead to the corruption of morals; and without etiquette society
          • 第一冊第8篇:日出前的一小時 8 An Hour before Sunrise日出前的一小時 Charles Dickens查爾斯狄更斯 An hour before sunrise in the city there is all air of cold, solitary desolation about the noiseless streets, which we are accustomed to see thronged at other times by a
          • 第一冊第9篇:青春的飛逝 9 The Flight of Youth 青春的飛逝 Richard Henry Stoddard 理查德亨利斯托達德 There are gains for all our losses. There are balms for all our pain: But when youth, the dream, departs(1) It takes something from our hearts, And it never come
          • 第一冊第10篇:科學實驗的重要性 10 The Importance of Scientific Experiments 科學實驗的重要性 William Stanley Jevons 威廉斯坦利杰文斯 The rise of modern science may perhaps be considered to date as far back as the time of Roger Bacon(1), the wonderful monk and philos
          • 第一冊第11篇:露天世界的夜晚 11 Night in the open world 露天世界的夜晚 Robert Louis Stevenson 羅伯特路易斯斯蒂文森 Night is a dead and monotonous period under a roof(1); but in the open world(2) it passes lightly, with its stars and dews and perfumes, and the ho
          • 第一冊第12篇:受命統率全軍 12 Accepting the Command of the Army 受命統率全軍 George Washington 喬治華盛頓 You may believe me, when I assure you in the most solemn manner that, so far from(2) seeking this employment, I have used every effort in my power to avoid it,
          • 第一冊第13篇:小客棧的樂趣 13 Happy Life at a Tavern 小客棧的樂趣 James Boswell 詹姆斯鮑斯韋爾 We dined at an excellent inn at Chapelhouse(2), where Dr. Johnson expatiated on the felicity of England in its taverns and inns, and triumphed over(3) the French for not
          • 第一冊第14篇:愛國志士 14 Who Loves His Country (1)愛國志士 Nancy Byrd Turner 南希伯德特納 Who Loves His Country Who loves his country will not rest Content with(2) vow and pledge alone, But flies her banner in his breast And counts her destiny his own(3) --
          • 第一冊第15篇:葛提斯堡演說 15 Address at Gettysburg 葛提斯堡演說 Abraham Lincoln 亞伯拉罕林肯 Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equ
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