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             王蕊教師,Cherry Cox從事少兒英語口語教育多年,注重少兒對英語的興趣培養,將培養孩子學習英語興趣作為教育的落腳點。

             課程涉獵自然拼音課程、音標課程、劍橋少兒英語課程、朗文少兒英語課程,SBS朗文國際英語教程、上海二星、三星口筆試教程等等。自2000年畢業于天津外國語大學,Cherry Cox就投身于少兒英語口語教育,曾在階梯語言學校,新東方教育集團少兒部任職多年,目前仍專注于英語口語的培訓。



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          • Cherry Cox講故事 01 Good Ideas Good Ideas What makes an idea a good idea? 1 Ben and his younger sister, Kate, were helping their father in the kitchen. Mom will be surprised when she comes home from work, said Ben. 2 This was a great idea, said Ben's dad. 3 Soon they heard the sla
          • Cherry Cox講故事 02 A Home for the President A Home for the President Would you like to be president and live in the White House? 1 Ben stood outside the black [r?:t] wrought-iron gate and stared because he couldn't believe he was standing where he was. It was Kate, tugging on his shirt, who br
          • Cherry Cox講故事 03 A Special Change A Special Change Would you be excited to see a history maker? 1 As their tour bus traveled through Arlington National Cemetery, Ling told Ben, I can't believe our good luck with your first show. 2 You must mean the weather, Ben teased. Ling was alway
          • Cherry Cox講故事 04 Mushrooms for dinner Mushrooms for dinner Father Bear came home and said, Look! No mushrooms I did not find one! I'm going fishing. I'm good at finding mushrooms, said Baby Bear. I will go and get some. Baby Bear went uphill and downhill looking for mushrooms. He went on
          • Cherry Cox講故事 05 Come on,Tim Come on,Tim Tim looked at the fort. He saw Michael and Anna playing on it.They climbed up the ladder and came down the pole. Tim went to the fort. He saw Michael and Anna climbing up.Tim climbed up,too. He climbed up to the top of the fort. Michael w
          • Cherry Cox講故事 06 cows in the garden Cows in the garden The cows looked at the garden. They looked at the old broken-down fence. Cows!shouted Grandma.The cows are in the garden. They are eating my flowers!Who let the cows into the garden? Grandma and Dad ran into the garden.This is wher
          • Cherry Cox講故事 07 Late for soccer Late for soccer Toot-toot.Tim woke up and looked out of the window. Oh,no!he shouted.It's soccer today!Michael's dad is here now! Tim opened the window.I'm coming!he shouted to Michael. Mom!Mom! Wake up! Help me! I'm late for soccer. Where are my soc
          • Cherry Cox講故事 08 Locked out Locked out Mom came home after work. Sally came home with her. Mom looked in her bag. Where's my key?said Mom.It's not here! We are locked out! Is a window open?Said Sally. No,said Mom. All the windows are shut. Mrs. James next door has a key,said Sa
          • Cherry Cox講故事 09 The lion and the mouse The lion and the mouse One day, a little mouse jumped onto a sleeping lion. The lion woke up. Got you! he said. Eee-eee! said the mouse.Please let me go! Please let me go! One day I may help you. Ha-ha-ha, laughed the lion.A little mouse like you can
          • Cherry Cox講故事 10 Brave Triceratops Brave Triceratops Thump,thump...Big hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex came thumping down the hill. He liked to eat dinosaurs. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Tyrannosaurus Rex is coming! said the little dinosaurs. They ran to hide in the trees. Tyrannosaurus Rex
          • Cherry Cox講故事 11 The clever penguins The clever penguins The Penguins had a nest with two big white eggs in it. Mother Penguin sat on the eggs day after day.Father Penguin went fishing. One day Father Penguin came back.Here I am,he said to Mother Penguin. You must be hungry.I'll sit on
          • Cherry Cox講故事 12 Pete Little Pete Little The Little had a green and yellow parakeet.His name was Pete. Clever Pete,said Jonathan Little to the parakeet,and the parakeet said,Clever Pete,back to Jonathan. I want my parakeet to say his name and address,said Jonathan.Pete,say...I a
          • Cherry Cox講故事 13 House hunting House hunting One day Mother Bear said. This house is too little for us. Baby Bear has nowhere to play on cold days. Yes, said Father Bear. The cold winter is coming. Let's go and find a big cave. In the morning Father Bear, Mother Bear and Baby Bear
          • Cherry Cox講故事 14 Ben's tooth Ben's tooth Ben was eating an apple at school, ow! he said. Oh, look! My tooth has come outand here it is, in my apple! Ben went to show his teacher. Look, Mrs. Green, he said, My tooth has come out. Here's a little box to put it in, said Mrs, Green.
          • Cherry Cox講故事 15 The fox who foxed The fox who foxed Mr and Mrs. Fox had five little foxes. One day Mrs. Fox said, I am so hungry, but I have to stay at home with my babies. I will get you a rabbit to eat, said Mr. Fox. Mr Fox said, I can't see any rabbits. I'll see if I can find a fa
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