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          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 1 1. forty 2. fifteen 3. a hundred and fifteen 4. three hundred and eighty 5. three thousand four hundred and eighty 6. twenty a 7. thirty b 8. fourteen d 1. four eight two six three four 2. seven two o
          • listentothis 初級英語聽力lesson 2 Joanna: Where did you go yesterday? Frank: I went to Croydon. Joanna: Did you go shopping? Frank: No, I went for an interview. Joanna: Oh, did you get a job? Frank: Yes, I got a job as a Management Tr
          • listentothis 初級英語聽力lesson 3 A reporter from a local newspaper is interviewing some students on the subject of students and money. Reporter: Excuse me. Are you a student? Student 1: Yes, I am. Reporter: Forgive my asking you, but
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 4 Instructor: Do you remember Regine? Where does she come from? Is she married? Where does she work? Listen to Regine speaking. Regine: My name is Regine. I'm German. I live in a small town. I'm not mar
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 5 —I'm going to buy a new carpet. —But you can't do that. —Why can't I? —We haven't got enough money. —What are you going to do this afternoon? —I'm going to weed the garden. —Are you goin
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 6 Eddie is talking to Tom. Eddie: Have you ever been really frightened? Tom: I suppose so, once or twice. Eddie: Can you remember when you were most frightened? Tom: That isn't difficult. Eddie: What ha
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 7 Interviewer: Now let's go back to your first novel, Rag Doll. When did you write that? Writer: Rag Doll, yes. I wrote that in 1960, a year after I left school. Interviewer: How old were you then? Writ
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 8 Philip is a very interesting boy. He is clever but he doesn't like school. He hates studying but he is very keen on learning new practical skills. In his spare time he often repairs motorbikes. He lik
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 9 —Good morning. Can I see Mr. Johnson, please? —Have you an appointment? —Yes, at half past ten. —What's your name, please? —McDonald, Jane McDonald. —Ah, yes. Mr. Johnson's expecting you.
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 10 Every color has a meaning. And as you choose a color, you might like to remember that it's saying something. We've said that red is lovable. Green, on the other hand, stands for hope; it is tranquil.
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 11 Woman: So you have a half day, a full day and a day and evening tour of London? Man: That's correct. Woman: Well, as we're only here for a few days, I think perhaps we should take the full day and eve
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 12 People think that all solicitors are rich and prosperous. In any town there are, of course, rich and prosperous solicitors, but there are also solicitors like me. I am neither rich nor prosperous. I h
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 13 A journalist has a strange story to tell. I've never been a superstitious person ... never believed in ghosts or things like that. But, two years ago, something happened which changed my attitude. I s
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 14 One night, Mrs. Riley, an elderly widow, was walking along a dark, London street. She was carrying her handbag in one hand and a plastic carrier bag in the other. There was nobody else ill the street
          • 初級英語聽力 lesson 15 Policeman: Good morning, madam. Can I help you? Mrs. Trott: Oh, I do hope so, constable. Something dreadful has happened. Policeman: Well, sit down and tell me all about it and we'll see what can be d
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