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          英語?英語 日語?日語 韓語?韓語 法語?法語 德語?德語 西班牙語?西班牙語 意大利語?意大利語 阿拉伯語?阿拉伯語 葡萄牙語?葡萄牙語 越南語?越南語 俄語?俄語 芬蘭語?芬蘭語 泰語?泰語 泰語?丹麥語 泰語?對外漢語
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             詞匯是英語學習的基礎, 詞匯量不足會嚴重制約一個人聽、說、讀、寫各方面的水平。同時,在應對考試時,如果詞匯不過關,任何應試技巧都猶如隔靴搔癢,收效甚微。
               學單詞有很多方法,對于學習者而言,利用詞匯書進行短期突破無疑最直接、最有效。但是要想在短期內突破詞匯關,學習者必須要找到一種科學、 系統、高效的學習方法。




          • 初中單詞 初中英語詞匯 初一(字母)上 a-h添加文本 about adress after afternoon age ah all all right a.m. am Amrican and animal answer any apple are ask at at home ATT bag ball banana bed bedroom behind beside between big bite bird black blackboard blouse blue boat book box boy break breakfast broom
          • 初中單詞 初中英語詞匯 初一(字母)上 i-s i identity im in in english is it its Japanese jeep keyboard kite know late let lets go let me see pleasants light like line little lock locked London look lool after look at look like look the same love for lunch macaw man many map me meat middle mi
          • 初中單詞 初中英語詞匯 初一(字母)上 t-z table take tall teacher ten term thank thanks that the their theirs them there these they thing think thirteen this this way,please those time to today tokyo too tree trousers tv twelve twin two uncle under up us very very much wall want washroom wat
          • 初中單詞 初中英語詞匯 初一(字母)下 a-m a bottle of a cup of a glass of a little a lot a lot of about all day America American any ask at work Australia Australian away back basket basketball be from be over before begin big borrow bottle bread breakfast broken but buy Canada Canadian carr
          • 初中英語詞匯 初一(字母)下 n-z near nice Nice to meet you. not at all Not at all. now off often Oh,dear. only open orange other over people the people pioneer plane like postcard put away read rice ride right river run same Saturday sea sell shop shopping sing small so I dont thin
          • 初中英語詞匯 初二(字母)上 a-h 1. a few 2. a little 3. a piece of 4. after 5. again 6. ago 7. air 8. anything 9. all the time 10.along 11.also 12.always 13.animal 14.another 15.answer 16.apparel 17.arm 18.at night 19.aganist 20.aunt 21.outer 22.back 23.bag 24.be boring 25.be caref
          • 初中英語詞匯 初二(字母)上 i-z idea ill in bed in front of inside into it doesnt matter January July June keep keep healthy kilometer kind kind of letter land last last week last year laugh leg lesson letter lift liy long look after look for madam much master may May meal mean mee
          • 初中英語詞匯 初二(字母)下 a-l above address afraid again age alone always answer anybody anything around asleep at the bad time of a year at first at last at once at the end of at the head of at the moment at this time of a year at times autumn baby back be different from be in h
          • 初中英語詞匯 初二(字母)下 m-z make make faces may maybe message mistake moment mommy money most music myself nearly no longer nobody nork norkist once operation ourselves page party pie pen friend phone photo picnic ping-pong play interested played play please pleasure pocket poo
          • 初中英語詞匯 初二(單元) Unit1-8 welcome first lesson sir term sell piece a piece of paper call may matter It doesnt matter. time next next time second long short tall pair third shop four fifth moon sun ship another land see usually by walk foot on foot parent parents train page fi
          • 初中英語詞匯 初二(單元) Unit9-14 place ,hospital, stop, bus stop, post, office, post office, route, station, police,police station. bookshop .all the same.similar. dialogue. look for ,need ,practise, along ,turn ,turning ,youd better, catch a bus ,street ,doctor ,bookseller, cleaner
          • 初中英語詞匯 初二(單元) Unit15-20 message answer telephone afraid be out moment at the moment cinema call pleasure rain bone way by the way photo the next day story enough really run up season spring everything summer hot wear cool autumn winter warm January last plumtree far from at
          • 初中英語詞匯 初二(單元) Unit21-28 ping-pong hard-working happily easily carefully worried be worried until and traffic lights danger play kind mat grand husband be in hospital address pocket maybe at the end of wife around look around may eat glass thief to too if line in line queue
          • 初中英語詞匯 初三(字母) a-f a bit a moment later a pair of able about accitend across againest agree agree with all ones life all over the world amost already amonce angry anywhere arive all ray than art as as know as as soon as possble as unally at all at noon at the beginning
          • 初中英語詞匯 初三(字母) g-o gatekeeper German Germany get back get along with get together give a call give a talk give back given given name glad glass glasses glass-toped go back gone good luck grass ground group grow guess hands up hang happen hardly heat have a coffee heada
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