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          英語?英語 日語?日語 韓語?韓語 法語?法語 德語?德語 西班牙語?西班牙語 意大利語?意大利語 阿拉伯語?阿拉伯語 葡萄牙語?葡萄牙語 越南語?越南語 俄語?俄語 芬蘭語?芬蘭語 泰語?泰語 泰語?丹麥語 泰語?對外漢語
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             中國國際廣播電臺( CRI )創辦于 1941 年 12 月 3 日,是中國向全世界廣播的國家廣播電臺。其宗旨是 “ 向世界介紹中國,向中國介紹世界,向世界報道世界,增進中國人民與世界人民之間的了解和友誼 ” 。




          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 1 Introductions Part 1 Self Introduction 自我介紹 Dialogue Script 對話原文 Jean: Hi, my name is Jean Wilson. Andy: Hi, I'm Andrew Mclane. Everybody calls me Andy. Jean: Hello, Andy. I'm glad to meet you. You are in my class, aren't you? Andy: Yes. My father knows y
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 2 Traveling (1) 旅行(1) Part 1 Getting Ready For the Trip 為旅行做準備 Dialogue Script 1 對話原文 1 Monica: Hi, Brian, what's with the suitcase? Brian: I've decided to go on a trip. Monica: Are you leaving today? Brian: No, I just bought this suitcase today for the trip. I
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 3 Traveling (2) 旅行(2) Part 1 At the Customs and Immigration 在海關入境處 Dialogue Script 1 對話原文1 Officer: Good afternoon, sir. May I see your passport, please? Peter: Of course. Here you are. Officer: What is the purpose of your visit? Business or pleasure? Peter: Pl
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 4 Olympic English(1) 奧運風情(1) Part 1 Background Information on Olympic Games 奧林匹克運動簡史 The Brief History of the Ancient Olympic Games: According to legend, the ancient Olympic Games were founded by Heracles (the Roman Hercules), a son of Zeus. Yet the first Olympic Games
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 5 Olympic English(2) 奧運風情(2) Part 1 The Olympics and Beijing 奧林匹克和北京 Dialogue Script 1 對話原文1 Jason: Hello, Annie, you look very excited why? Annie: Don't you hear the exciting news? Jason: What is it? Come on, tell me! Annie: Beijing will bid to host the 2008 Olympic
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 6 Restaurant English 餐館英語 Part 1 Where to Eat in America 美國餐館種類 If you want a hamburger, hotdog or fied potato, you can go to those REFR ESHMENT STANDS or SNACK BARS , which also sell soft drinks.You can find these stalls everywhere, parks, theatre entrance, airport, b
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 7 Computer English 電腦英語 Part 1 What Do You Know About the Computer? 電腦基本知識 首先你得弄明白你想 用電腦做什么。有些人只是單純地做些文字處理(writing documents),有些人則是為了玩網絡游戲(playing computer games),還有些專業人士拿電腦做影象編輯(editing pictures),電腦
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 8 Online Chat and Cyber Love 網上聊天和網絡戀情 Part 1 Let's Talk on Line! 網上聊天 Dialogue Script 1 對話原文1 Anne: Where did you meet Susan? Joe: I met him through a computer bulletin board. Anne: Oh, really, what bulletin board? Joe: It was one I used at the local Internet Caf called the E-li
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 9 Western Marriage Customs 西方婚禮習俗 Part 1 Before the Wedding 結婚準備 Dialogue Script 對話原文 Nancy: Have you heard about Dana? Scott: No, I haven't talked to her for a couple of months. How are things with her? Nancy: Well, she is just so-so right now. She had a little accident las
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 10 Shopping in the United States 購物在美國 Part 1 Types of Shops 商店類型 First of all, it should be pointed out that shops in the western countries are somehow different with those in China. Basically, there are divided into three types: the large-scaled, well-decorated shopping malls and c
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 11 Losing Weight 減肥 Part 1 Weight Problem 體重問題 Dialogue Script 對話原文 Anne: My sister Ellie, who recently lost 20 pounds, has been pressuring me to lose weight too. Joe: It's a good thing for her to fulfill that, isn't it? Anne: Good?! Yes, it's good for her bu
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 12 Renting An Apartment 租房 Part1 Classified Ad. For Rent 招租廣告 招租廣告范例1 Apartment For Rent Quiet (near community park) 12 Renmin Rd, 10th fl 95 sq ms, 2-bed, 1-bath, 1-living; parking space 5000 yuan/month (utilities not included) Call 5124-3698, Ms. Li 講解: 1. 這則
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 13 Banking English 銀行英語 Part 1 Something About the Bank 銀行相關背景知識 隨著國際間政治、經濟、文化等各個領域交流的不斷擴大,國內改革開放 政策的日益深入,銀行在人們的日常生活中作用越來越大。不管是在國內還是在國外,同銀行打交道已經成為人們生活中司空見慣的事。 西方國家的銀行
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 14 Happy Halloween 快樂萬圣節 Part 1 The Origin of Halloween 萬圣節的由來 Halloween is an annual celebration, but just what is it actually a celebration of? And how did this peculiar custom originate? Is it, as some claim, a kind of demon worship? Or is it just a harmless vestig
          • CRI實用英語課堂 Unit 15 About Music 談音說樂 Part 1 Types of Western Music 歐美音樂類型 1. 什么是 RB?RB的全名是 Rhythm Blues,一般譯作節奏怨曲。廣義上, RB可 視為黑人的流行音樂,它源于黑人的Blues音樂,是現今西方流行樂和搖滾樂的基
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