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          • 《大城市小世界》第1期:見朋友 hello! hello? Excuse me! Excuse me? 你好!你好?打擾一下!打擾一下? Just sit down anywhere. They don't have waiters in here! 隨便坐吧。這里沒有服務員的。 OH, OK.is it ok if I sit here? 好的,我坐這里可以嗎? Su
          • 《大城市小世界》第2期:找工作 So how are things going, mate? 近況如何,老兄? Good. Things are good. Im really enjoying my job...lots of work, but Ill be rich in three years! 不錯,都挺好的。我很喜歡現在這份工作。盡管工作很多,但三年后我就會
          • 《大城市小世界》第3期:被趕出來了 Hi there Harry! 你好,哈利! Hello Olivia. Hows it going? 你好,奧利維亞,怎么樣? Not bad...what are you reading? 不賴,你在讀什么? Just checking the jobs page of the local newspaper... 只是在看當地報紙的求職版面
          • 《大城市小世界》第4期:我們的任務 Well Sarah, heres the paper...I was looking at jobs...but youll need the accommodation page! 撒拉,這是報紙,我正在找工作,但是你需要租房版面! Hmmm, not very sensitive, Harry... 嗯,哈利,不是很敏感。 Have to go n
          • 《大城市小世界》第5期:拯救者法帝 Hi! 好! Could we get two cappuccinos please? 請給我們拿兩杯卡布奇諾好嗎? Ok...sit down and Ill bring them over to you. 好的,請坐,馬上給您拿去。 Cheers... 謝謝。 So, listen, I had a word with the IT department abo
          • 《大城市小世界》第6期:他是個討厭鬼 Joe! Can you stop that please! Can you please come here and sit down! 喬!你能不能停下來!過來坐下! Hello there, Olivia. Whos this? 你好,奧利維亞,這是誰? This is Joe hes my nephew. 他是喬,我的侄子。 Nephew? 侄子
          • 《大城市小世界》第7期:振作起來 Morning Olivia! 早上好,奧利維亞! Hello there! 大家好! Do you live here? 你住在這里嗎? How do you mean? 什么意思? Its just that every time I come in here, youre here...its like you live here or something... 我每次來這兒
          • 《大城市小世界》第8期:三年后我會賺大錢 So, did you see the flat? 房子看了嗎? Yeah, its great...really spacious, really light, good location near a tube station and not too expensive! 房子很大,很敞亮,挨著地鐵,位置也不錯,也不貴! Sounds perfect. Theres got
          • 《大城市小世界》第9期:我的傷腿 Oucchh!! Be careful! ??!小心! All right, all right...Im trying..youre heavy! 好的,我在小心,你太重了! Hell need his crutch...hang on...here you go...ok...can you sit down now? 他要他的拐杖,等等,給你,你現在能坐
          • 《大城市小世界》第10期:十拿九穩 Hows the leg Johnny? 約翰尼,你的腿怎么樣了? A bit better thanks...Ive got the plaster off it now, but I still need the crutch. 好多了,謝謝,現在已經不打石膏了,但是還需要拐杖。 Good to hear... 真高興。 Your
          • 《大城市小世界》第11期:我是個建筑師 Sookhmm...yeah! Thats great news! 好的,嗯,好消息啊! So? Did you get the job? 工作成了? Yes!!! 是的! Hooray!! Fantastic! Well done!! 好??!干得好! But... 但是。 Theres always a but... 總有個但是 Its only on a trial
          • 《大城市小世界》第12期:好消息和壞消息 Hi Magda! How was your first day? 嗨,麥格達!第一天上班怎么樣? Fantastic! 太棒了! Really!? I'm amazed... 真的?我真驚訝。 Yeah, you were so worried about your new job... 是的,你那么擔心你的新工作。 Well, I
          • 《大城市小世界》第13期:祈愿好運 Hey! Good to see you again! 真高興又見到你們! Hey! You too! 嗨,見到你也很高興! Hello Sarah, hi Magda.... 你好,薩拉,嗨,麥格達。 How are you Olivia? Harry! Great to see you too... 你怎么樣,奧利維亞?哈利!
          • 《大城市小世界》第14期:卡洛斯你好 Oh no! I dont understand how this can happen! 哦,不!我真的不明白怎么會這樣! Told you so. 告訴過你吧。 Hi Olivia! Whats the problem? 嗨,奧利維亞!怎么了? Excuse me... 勞駕。 Its not just here, not just the caf.
          • 《大城市小世界》第15期:哈利的新女友 Hello Tony! How are you? 你好,托尼,還好吧? Alright, I suppose. 還算不錯。 Good to hear you sounding so happy! Hey, where is everyone? 你聽起來這么高興,真好??!咦,大家都去哪了? Everyone who? 大家都是誰???
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