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          • 多功能英語閱讀01 The Toy The Toy It was 1952 and my father was away at war,leaving my mother and me behind to face hardship alone.I was ten.My mother was a surgeon and worked at the local clinic a few blocks from where we lived.We both resided in a medieval apartment in the
          • 多功能英語閱讀02 My Strange Experience My Strange Experience It was the morning after the night before. I was aroused by the sound of the stereo from downstairs and the smell of bacon permeated the air. Usually such an odor would be from paradise, but not today, for my throat was thirsty
          • 多功能英語閱讀03 Fantasy Farm Fantasy Farm When my classmate Rashed informed me that Reza was back, I was really very happy. For the last two weeks Reza had not been at his house without any notice. Rashed also informed that Reza was not like his usual self, he looked rather a s
          • 多功能英語閱讀04 The Summer Storm The summer weather this year has been even more unexpredictable than usual. Yesterday was no exception. My day at work had not gone pariticularly well and I returned home in a bit of a mood. My parents are staying for a few days and they were watchi
          • 多功能英語閱讀05 A Father's Gift A Father's Gift The visitor, on that morning before Easter, was a middle-aged, shabby-looking fellow, in white clothes with a queer waistcoat of light gray color. His small, neglected beard gave the impression that he had, perhaps, merely abandoned
          • 多功能英語閱讀06 The Golden Boot The Golden Boot Once upon a time there was a little girl named Ella. She lived in a little cottage with her stepmother and her three step-sisters. They were known as Sister Attila, Sister Etta, and Sister Ina. Their dear mother was named Anna. All i
          • 多功能英語閱讀07 The Sign Makers The Sign Makers Do the Sign Makers control us? They must have quite a profitable income and prestige. I wonder if they are the ones down the street with the large houses. I feel jealous. If I had thought about it when I was younger, I would have poi
          • 多功能英語閱讀08 Harry's Dilemma Harry's Dilemma Young Harry and old Bill were armored car guards. They'd been covering the same route for over three years now. Today would be different. They were scheduled to transport a large sum from Ohio National Savings Loan Bureau, the headqu
          • 多功能英語閱讀09 Self-Glorifying Self-Glorifying They walked side by side, all decked out in their delicate fur coats, with perfect eyelashes and every hair in place. When Darling and Honey walked down the street, all who passed them were transfixed by their fascinating beauty. The
          • 多功能英語閱讀10 Self-Glorifying Lucky I was an electrician at a nickel mine on a plateau in southern Boone Province on the last Friday of September 1996. It was a little cold for September, and fall was definitely in the air. While I was in the shop office talking to a customer, I
          • 多功能英語閱讀11 The Frog The Frog Betty, Bobby, and Barry are seated at a small circular table in the back of the Biology classroom. This is an abnormal three-person team, not a group would have chosen any of them to be in, but one assigned by the new tutor, Miss Azinger. O
          • 多功能英語閱讀12 The Last Charge The Last Charge Sergeant Davidson, the descendant of European immigrants, began to sweat as the roaring hot sun began to bear down on him. Sweat leaked out from the bumps of his spine and began to darken sections of his light gray Confederate Army u
          • 多功能英語閱讀13 Phoenix Phoenix She was lovely and bird-like in every possible way. She had the grace of a swan, the voice of a lark, and the curiosity of a sparrow. She was intelligent as an owl was fabled to be, and could attract an eye with the best of peacocks. She was
          • 多功能英語閱讀14 Wrong Turns 多功能英語閱讀14 Wrong Turns
          • 多功能英語閱讀15 Independence添加文本 Independence Isn't independence fun, Jack? Tessa asked her dog, as they strolled alongside the highway. Jack, a loyal German shepherd, wagged his tail in agreement. Tessa grinned at the rising sun. In the distance, a lonely man was hoisting cargoes w
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