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           該片講述了在上世紀20年代的大西洋城(Atlantic City),聯邦政府頒布禁酒令(1920-1933年)后,公開售賣酒類商品成為一種違法行為。在這種背景下,各種黑幫組織為爭奪黑市控制權展開了你死我活的斗爭。

          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(1) Come on, let's go. Let's go. I'm a sitting duck out here. 快點,快,這很不安全 So move then. Come on. 那就趕緊搬吧 Charlie. 查理 Load it up. 裝船 Let's go, let's go! 快搬,快搬 Come on. 再快點 Liquid gold, boyo. That's it.
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(2) Coward, monster, vicious brute, 懦夫之慰藉,暴徒之兇器 friend to thief and prostitute, 盜賊為伴,娼妓為友 conscience dulled by demon rum, 沈湎于酒,傷德敗性 liquor, thy name's delirium. 烈酒猛于虎 Tomorrow we awaken
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(3) Prohibition means progress. 禁酒令將促進社會發展 Never again will families be robbed of their fathers, 從此不會再有沉湎于酒的父親 held hostage by alcohol. 以及因此失去支柱的家庭 How proud I am 這個偉大的國度 t
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(4) In the trenches once we ate dog meat. 過去最困難的時候,我們也吃過一次狗肉 But rats? 老鼠肉就算了吧 First rule of politics, kiddo: 孩子,政界第一原則 Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. 別讓真相毀了
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(5) Is my brother here? Upstairs. 我弟弟呢, 在樓上 They all are. 他們都到齊了 I wanted to arrest him, but he had 24 hours left. 我要抓他,但他還有24小時保護 I couldn't. 我抓不到了 Boys, boys, boys. 伙計們,伙計們 M
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(6) I know. 當然不是我 Now he's he's on the trolley. 開始狡辯了 Number one, we got a product a fella's gotta have. Yeah. 首先,這是大家的生活必備品, 對 Even better is that we got a product he ain't allowed to have. 特別是這些
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(7) Prohibition! 禁酒令生效 Hey, where are you going? 你去哪 What's eating you? Nothing. I don't know. 什么事這么急, 沒什么 My stomach. oh, go have a brioski. 肚子痛, 喝一杯就好了 Will you look at this shit? James. 看這些扯
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(8) I don't know, two years killing jerries 和德國鬼子打了兩年的仗 doesn't exactly prepare you for a whole lot else. 可沒教給我很多東西 As prohibition agents, 聯邦禁酒探員 you represent the finest america has to offer, 是全美精
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(9) Nuck. 努克 Nucky. 努基 Oh. What time is it? 現在幾點了 2:30. 兩點半 Nucky, are you up? 努基,你要起床嗎 What the fuck's the matter? 到底有什么事 There's a lady waiting to see you. 有位女士等著要見你 She's been waiti
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(10) Gentlemen, welcome to the brighton. 先生們,歡迎來到布萊頓酒店 We got a nice high floor, right? 樓上有雅間對吧 I want to look at the water. 我想俯瞰大海 Oh, rest assured, sir, all our rooms have an ocean view. 您放心,這里
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(11) Is that a bit of the old country I hear in your voice? 我聽出來你說話帶點歐洲口音 My husband says I sound like an immigrant. 我先生總說一聽我講話就知道我是個移民 Ah. But we're all immigrants, are we not? 我們不都是移
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(12) I'm sorry. I... No. 抱歉,我, 沒事 I she's my It's 我,她是我的, 我明白 Does your husband work? 你丈夫有工作嗎 He's a baker's helper. 他是面包師助手 But till tourist season and with winter, 但是只在旅游旺季和冬
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(13) Pardon me. 等我一下 Your friends from Chicago checked in. The new york Gangs too. 您芝加哥的朋友和紐約黑幫的人都住進酒店了 We're all set for tonight then? 8:00, the Traymore. 今晚幾點碰面, 八點在特雷摩爾 Good. 好
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(14) Where have you been? I was, um... 你去哪兒了, 我 Get in the house. 給我進去 Who the hell is that? 那人到底是誰 Gather around and behold, ladies and gentlemen. 女士們先生們,都過來看看 The catch of the day! For Neptune yi
          • 《大西洋帝國》精講 第一季第1集(15) Nucky Thompson is here. 努克湯普森來了 Mr. Thompson, what an honor. 湯普森先生,我們可真榮幸 He was a good man. My deepest condolences. 他是個好人,我致以最深切的哀悼 I hadn't even realized you knew my husband. 我都不
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