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          艾倫脫口秀是美國CBS電視臺的一檔熱門(mén)脫口秀,而主持人Ellen DeGeneres以其輕松詼諧的主持風(fēng)格備受青睞。

          • 艾倫脫口秀01 主持奧斯卡的利與弊 So the other day I told you what I did over this summer. And I forgot to mention something pretty important,pretty big, I can describe it in one word, Oscar. 昨天呢我跟大家分享了一下我的假期,然后我發(fā)現我忘了一條很重要很重
          • 艾倫脫口秀02 超級精彩的夏天 Happy season 11 everybody!A good number. This is our first show of our brand new season and I have a promise for you right now,right up from I'm gonna say it. This season I'm gonna work it while I twerk it. Oh,did you have a good summer,everybody? 熱烈
          • 艾倫脫口秀03 毒舌評委西蒙·考威爾喜當爹 So...so you get the call,you are...and...you really want to know,don't you? yeah, I kinda do. 所以你接到了電話(huà) 然后 你真的很想知道 是吧 對啊 還真想 Eh...but no,so you are...you are...Well, at first,were you like 'oh,my god'.Or
          • 艾倫脫口秀04 電滑梯佼佼者 This is the first week of season 11.I can't believe it's been 11 seasons. 這是第11季的首周秀 真不敢相信這都第11季了 It's crazy to me,but like they say,If you work hard and you make risky investments,you can never retire. 我驚呆了
          • 艾倫脫口秀05 Celine是鞋子控 We don't have the pictures of the closet 我們沒(méi)有她衣柜的照片 But the closet looks amazing,but there's no...there's like a sitting area that just out into the pool. that's so cool. 但那衣柜真是高端大氣上檔次 這應該是休息區
          • 艾倫脫口秀06 胡子是男人的標志 I don't know if you know this. But you have a beard now. What? 不知道你知不知道 你現在有胡子了 什么 What? yes, it's...there's something on your face. It happened finally after 25 years. 什么 是的 你臉上有東西 29年后終于長(cháng)
          • 艾倫脫口秀07 熊孩子上學(xué)了 This is still our big season premiere week.And ... so we're back to work and kids are back at school.Do any of you have kids? Kids?And kids who just started college?Andbody? 今天仍是我們首映周 我們都上班了 孩子也上學(xué)了 你們誰(shuí)有
          • 艾倫脫口秀08 恐怖長(cháng)廊 Al right.so we have the Haunted Hallway back there. 好的 我們在后臺有恐怖長(cháng)廊 And we've sent audience members thought it,we've sent some of our guests through it,and i've been talking about this,and Portia's constantly saying,I don't know
          • 艾倫脫口秀09 訪(fǎng)問(wèn)球星霍德華 You are teaching me how to Daugie.Just a little bit. a little bit.All right,all right. Let's get right to it. 你剛教我跳道基舞 就一點(diǎn)點(diǎn) 一點(diǎn)點(diǎn) 好的 俺們切入正題吧 'cause you have a gift for me.What it is? I do.Well, you know,
          • 艾倫脫口秀10 最美麗的人 Thank you so much. I think you are in a good mood.'cause it's friday,right? Yep. 謝謝大家 大家心情都這么好 是因為今天是周五 對不對 就是這個(gè) Not only that, but the world's most beautiful woman is here. 不僅僅是這個(gè) 世界
          • 艾倫脫口秀11 艾倫的抖臀器 We come up with new products all the time,and...and the store, you'll see,we sell a lot of different things,and some things were successful.not all of them are successful. 我們一直在推出新產(chǎn)品 大家可以看到我們的店里有各種各樣的
          • 艾倫脫口秀12 better baby This is an infomercial I saw over the summer,I'm promising you, this is real,the Parakeet,so beautiful,great to look at,and what a wonderful companion. 接下來(lái)給大家放一段我在暑假看過(guò)的廣告 我保證 這個(gè)廣告絕對是真的 鸚鵡
          • 艾倫脫口秀13 Celine Dion Warms Up That's a vocal exercise,right? Is that... 這是暖嗓 對嗎 What else do you do? What else besides that? 你還會(huì )什么 除了這個(gè)還有什么 There's a lot of...what else? What do you want to hear more? 還有很多啊 還有什么 你還想聽(tīng)什
          • 艾倫脫口秀14 美國男人和英國男人的區別 So you're dating, I assume you are dating,I don't know if you're in a relationship, 所以你在約會(huì ) 我猜你在約會(huì ) 我不知道你是不是在戀愛(ài) but there's gotta be a difference between English guys and American guys,right? 但是肯定是有
          • 艾倫脫口秀15 Robert Pattinson on His Dog Bear And you have a dog that you rescued from a pound in Louisiana,right? 你有只狗 手從路易斯安那州的一個(gè)收留所里救出來(lái)的 對吧 And what's the name of your dog? He's called Bear. Bear. It's a good name for dog. 你的狗叫什么名字
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