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          娛樂新天地Trailer 2006

          • 滑雪Skiing SUE: I'm kind of nervous about this. JOHN: Why? SUE: What if I go off a cliff? JOHN: Don't worry about that. It's impossible. All the ski runs are carefully marked. And if there is something that migh
          • 動物園A Day At The Zoo JASON: It's too hot. I'm not sure I can walk any more. CHRIS: Oh, c'mon. You're not so old. I want to go to Monkey Island and look at the monkeys. JASON: What? They have a monkey island here? Really?
          • 唱歌Karaoke/Singing With Friends STEVEN: We should take our coworkers out to celebrate this weekend. ALBERT: Yes, the project was a big success. Now that it's finished, I think we should have a party. STEVEN: But I'm not sure what to
          • 租錄影帶Renting Video Tapes CAROL: My husband and I have just moved to town. LISA: Oh! Well welcome to Dull Springs. CAROL: Thank you. LISA: Are you thinking about becoming a member? CAROL: A member? LISA: Yes, a member of our s
          • Hunting CONRAD: I can't believe I'm actually going to do this. RICK: You'll have a good time. Duck season is one of my favorite times of the year. CONRAD: But like I said, in Taiwan it is strictly illegal to
          • 游泳和拉丁舞Swimming And Latin Dance SHELLY: I wanted to talk to you a little before you leave. About our lesson. DAVE: How did it go? SHELLY: I think you will be a strong swimmer. But I want you to remember some tips. DAVE: Well, you to
          • 《星際迷航記》電影迷Star Trek Maniac ANDREW: Your older brother is a little strange, I think. DAN: Steve? You think he's strange? Why? ANDREW: He wanted me to come over and watch "Star Trek" with him. DAN: Oh, that. He's a Trekkie. You s
          • 談論歌劇After The Opera JUDY: Well, honey, how did you like it? SCOTT: Do you want me to be honest? JUDY: Of course. SCOTT: I was bored to death. What a ridiculous art form! I never want to do that again. JUDY: Huh, how can
          • 電動游戲Video Games SHARON: There's something I'd like to talk about with you. KELLY: Yes? SHARON: You know my two boys always love to visit your son Nick. KELLY: Yes, they're great kids. I enjoy having them here. SHARON
          • 燒烤Barbecue: BBQ CHARLIE: Beer! Where is the beer! HUGH: Don't be such a beer hog, Charlie. Why don't we play some frisbee first? CHARLIE: Frisbee? Without beer? Are you kidding? I won't be able to catch it. I won't b
          • 高空彈跳Bungee Jumping SARAH: What's your number? ALLEN: I'm number seven. What about you? SARAH: Five. ALLEN: Hah hah! You have to go before me. Hah hah hah! SARAH: You think it's funny. I'm terrified. ALLEN: Don't worry.
          • NBA Basketball ANDREW: So where are you from, John? JOHN: I'm from Chicago. ANDREW: Chicago? Really? So are you a... JOHN: Wait! Don't finish your question. ANDREW: Why not? JOHN: I want to guess what you are going
          • 有線電視臺Talk Shows And Cable TV CALVIN: So, are you pretty well settled in your new place? TOM: I still have to buy a washing machine and dryer. But otherwise I've pretty much finished moving. CALVIN: Does your building have cable T
          • 《哈拉瑪莉》Something About Mary CORINNE: I just saw "Something About Mary" last night. It was hilarious. DOLLY: Darren took me to it last week. I thought it was a little sick. CORINNE: What do you mean "sick"? It was really funny, d
          • 在酒吧Inside A Pub SCOTT: So, what would you like to drink? SYLVIA: I don't know. Do they have tea? SCOTT: What did you say? Tea? SYLVIA: Yes. Do they have any iced tea? SCOTT: No, I don't think so. This is a pub. SYLVI
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