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          • 肖申克的救贖-1 RITA HAYWORTH AND SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION There‘s a guy like me in every state and federal prison in America, I guess - I‘m the guy who can get it for you. Tailor-made cigarettes, a bag of reefer, if
          • 肖申克的救贖-2 It comes as no surprise to most these days that there's a lot of buggery going on inside the walls - except to some of the new fish, maybe, who have the misfortune to be young, slim, good-looking, and
          • 肖申克的救贖-3 By World Series time of 1950 - this was the year Bobby Thompson hit his famous home run at the end of the season, you will remember - Andy was having no more trouble from the sisters. Stammas and Hadl
          • 肖申克的救贖-4 ‘How can you be so obtuse?‘ Andy said, so low that Chester could barely hear. But he heard the warden just fine. ‘What? What did you call me?‘ ‘Obtuse? Andy cried. ‘Is it deliberate?‘ ‘
          • 肖申克的救贖-5 Andy wasn‘t that way, but I was. The idea of seeing the Pacific sounded good, but I was afraid that actually being there would scare me to death - the bigness of it Anyhow, the day of that conversat
          • 倒霉的惡魔 The Poor Demon Long long ago, there lived a farmer in the village. He had a cow. In spring, the farmer took his cow to the pasture and fed his cow there. He always prayed to God, “Dear God, thank yo
          • 威尼斯商人-1 The Merchant Of Venice 001 A merchant named Antonio lived in the city of Italy. Antonio was a very rich man who owned many ships. He traded with foreign countries. Antonio was loved by everyone, becau
          • 威尼斯商人-2 The Merchant of Venice 002 Posha’s father had wanted to find a good husband for his lovely daughter. So before he died, he found a nice plan to choose the right husband. He has three small boxes mad
          • 威尼斯商人-3 The Merchant Of Venice 003 While Posha and Barshanio were talking. Vetanio and Nuisa came up to them. They said: “ We hope you will be very happy. We would like to be married at the same time as you
          • 威尼斯商人-4 威尼斯商人-4
          • 威尼斯商人-5 When Sharlock was about to cut Antonio with his knife. Posha stopped him. Wait a moment Sharlock she said. I have something else to say. You may have a pound of Antonio’s fresh but according to this
          • 威尼斯商人-6 威尼斯商人-6
          • 威尼斯商人-7 Now Posha also thought that she was teased Vatanio and her husband. She said to Vatanio: you promised Nuisa that you will always gird the ring that she give you. That is why you were wrong to give it
          • 忘恩負義的鱷魚 The Ungrateful Crocodile Once upon a time, a crocodile who lived in the Nile came out of the water and lost his way in the heart of the desert. He was dying of exhaustion and thirst. Soon he saw an Ar
          • 梅核 梅核
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