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          • 英語范文背誦精華1.1 Ideas of Home Have Changed A great many people, when they speak of home, tend to associate it with a certain atmosphere, certain physical surroundings, and certain emotional attitudes within themselves. This sentimentality towa
          • 英語范文背誦精華1.2 Family Life Family life Jane Brown has been married for 12 years. She has three children, and lives in a suburb outside Columbias Higher. When her youngest child reached school age, Jane decide to go back to work
          • 英語范文背誦精華1.3 My Mother My mother is a kind and gentle woman. She is very busy from morning till night. As a teacher she works diligently and efficiently. As Mother, she takes good care of us and gives us every comfort. I ha
          • 英語范文背誦精華1.4 My mother's Gift I grew up in a small town where the elementary school was a ten-minute walk from my house and in an age when children could go home for lunch. At the time, I did not consider this a luxury, although t
          • 英語范文背誦精華1.5 My Forever Valentine The traditional holidays in our house when I was a child were spent timing elaborate meals around football games. My father tried to make pleasant chitchat and eat as much as he could during halftime.
          • 英語范文背誦精華2.1 Youth YOUTH Youth is not a time of life,it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees, it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emot
          • 英語范文背誦精華2.2 How to Grow Old How to grow old by Bertrand Russell 1、In spite of the title, this article will really be on how not to grow old,which,at my time of life,is a much more important subject.My first advice would be to
          • 英語范文背誦精華2.3 Love of Life Love of Life Two men walked slowly, one after the other, through the low water of a river. It ran cold over their feet. They had blanket packs on their backs; guns, but no bullets; matches, but no foo
          • 英語范文背誦精華2.4 Freedom in Dying The process of dying imbues fewer and fewer choices available to us. Even in dying, however, we still have choices concerning how we handle what is happening to us. The following account deals with th
          • 英語范文背誦精華3.1 Male and Female Roles In all societies, male and female roles are regarded differently. The mother role is universally carried out by women, which is biologically based. Roles defined by sex also characterize the economic
          • 英語范文背誦精華3.2 Please Let Me Have a Little World Please let me have a little world,please my dear husband.Be so generous as to Let me have a little of my own.If you find me scrawling on a piece of newspaper.please don't piple over my shoulders.It ma
          • 英語范文背誦精華3.3 A Perfect Wife After thirty years of married happiness, he could still remind himself that Victoria was endowed with every charm except the thrilling touch of human frailty. Though her perfection discouraged pleasur
          • 英語范文背誦精華3.4 Why Women Live Longer Than Men Why Women Live Longer Than Men -- Edward Donick If you could take an immense group snapshot of everyone in the United States today, it would contain six million more females than males. In this country, women outlast men by about seven years. Through
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