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          • 《關鍵投票》精講 01父女的首場露面 After a hotly contested race, Americans go to the polls today...in what promises to be a very close election. 經過一場激烈的選舉戰之后,今天是美國選民為這場激烈選戰投票的日子。 The Republican Andrew Boone, hoping to h
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 02選民投票的義務 And don't forget today. Yeah.What's... what's today? 今天的事情別忘了。今天是什么日子? Election day, dummy! 選舉日啊,笨蛋! I'm supposed to do a report on you voting, remember? 我要做一篇關于你投票的報道,記得
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 03父女關于選票的歧義 A questionnaire. I'm supposed to ask you about your politics. 問卷調查 我要問你關于政治的問題 Well, go ahead. 行 開始吧 I already filled it in. 我已經填完了 I wanted you to sound smart. 我希望你的形象醒目點 Give me
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 04父親開車送女兒上學 If you get sick, I'm gonna have to start selling my blood again. 要是你病了 我又要去賣血賺錢了 Mrs. Abernathy said every vote counts. It's a social contract. 艾伯納西夫人說每張選票都算數的 這是種社會契約 It's a soc
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 05西班牙人搶飯碗 Where...Where the hell is Dewey? 杜威 杜威跑到哪去? OH!He got laid off. 他請假了 Bullshit! He got insourced. 胡說 他被內部裁員了 Insourced? Insourced. Instead of exporting our jobs to Mexico... 內部裁員 對 把我們的工作
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 06職工議論紛紛 Next thing, they'll be taking away our right to vote. 接下來 他們就要奪走我們的投票權了 You voting, Bud? 巴德 你投票了嗎? It's a social contract, isn't it? 那是社會契約 對吧 Who are you voting for? 你投給誰了 Shi
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 07政客演講振奮人心 OK! Ohio run the gay marriage ad every twenty minutes. 俄亥俄州 每隔二十分鐘播同性戀婚姻廣告 Let's see if we can't get those God fearing bastards off the fence. 看看能否讓那些 虔誠的中立派改變主意 We take a bunch of
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 08投選票的前奏 Thank you, thank you for coming. 謝謝 感謝前來 Galena and I would like to thank America... 葛蓮娜和我要感謝美國 for this glorious opportunity. 給我們這次光榮的機會 I have met people of every race, color and creed during this
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 09茉莉的父親被炒魷魚 Tell me something. What do you want to be when you grow up? 莫莉 告訴我 長大以后想干什么? I go back and forth. Either a veterinarian or chairman of the Fed. 我有點拿不定主意 獸醫或者美聯儲主席都行 Where's Bud? 巴德在
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 10茉莉的父親放茉莉的鴿子 Shit! Goddamnit! 靠 該死 Well, hell, Carl! You could have showed me your footage when you walked in. 該死 凱爾 你應該在進來的時候 就放這段錄像的 I know we went to school together, Bud. I've always liked you. 巴德 我知道我們
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 11茉莉想媽媽啦! I hurt the top of my head. 我撞傷頭了 Come on, lay down. 快 躺下 I'm so sorry, baby. 真對不起 寶貝 I want to live with Mom. 我想和媽媽一起生活 Me too. 我也是 New Mexico is a classic swing state. Hello. 新墨西哥是出了名
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 12選舉竟然取決于一個郡 we're now in a dead heat for the American presidency. 在其它所有州都平分秋色 Each candidate with virtually the same amount of electoral votes. 兩位候選者均獲得了數量相當的選票 270, the magic number to win. This is a real ph
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 13州競選辦事處找到巴德 Some people? 什么人? They look official. 他們看上去像官員 Child services? - That's what I'm thinking. 兒童服務中心嗎? 我覺得也是 Okay. - Here we go. 好吧 我們走 Mr. Johnson, we would have called first, but you don't ha
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 14巴德起誓重新投票 It's him. 就是他 Yeah, it's him. What do you mean, him? Me, him? 沒錯 是他 什么意思 指我嗎? Sir, your vote didn't count. 先生 你的選票作廢了 Mr. Johnson, it's our duty to inform you... 強納森先生 我們有責任通知您
          • 《關鍵投票》精講 15由一張選票決定美國總統 Sorry. 對不起 You should be! I could get into all kinds of trouble because of you! 你確實該道歉 因為你 我惹上大麻煩了 Gosh, Molly! 天啊 媽的 莫莉 Why can't you learn just to let things be? 你為什么不能安分一點呢?
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