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          • 環球慢速英語 艾滋病家庭(1) HIV/AIDS The Family 艾滋病家庭 Voice 1: Hello, I'm Marina Santee. 聲音1:大家好,我是瑪麗娜桑蒂。 Voice 2: And I'm Elizabeth Lickiss. Welcome to Spotlight. This programme uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier
          • 環球慢速英語 艾滋病家庭(2) Voice 2: Priscilla is seven years old. She is an AIDS orphan. She lives with her grandmother and two brothers in Maua, Kenya. In the beginning things were very difficult for her family. They had little food. Their grandmother did not work. There was
          • 環球慢速英語 艾滋病家庭(3) The Maua Methodist Hospital, or MMH, does not only help orphans. 馬烏阿衛理公會醫院(簡稱MMH),并不僅僅為孤兒提供幫助。 They also work to help prevent children becoming orphans. 他們還在努力防止孩子成為孤兒。
          • 環球慢速英語 艾滋病家庭(4) May the fifteenth is the United Nations International Day of Families. 5月15日是聯合國設立的國際家庭日。 For the year 2005, members of the UN are centring on, 'HIV/AIDS and Family Well Being.' 2005年,國際家庭日的主題是艾滋病
          • 環球慢速英語 艾滋病家庭(5) Groups like MMH and others are working to help families affected by HIV/AIDS. 像馬烏阿衛理公會醫院這樣的機構正在幫助受艾滋病影響的家庭。 But to succeed, they need families to accept, love and support each other. 為了成功
          • 環球慢速英語 被毀的城市(1) Hello. I'm Marina Santee. 大家好,我是瑪麗娜桑蒂。 And I'm Elizabeth Lickiss. Welcome to Spotlight. This programme uses a special English method of broadcasting. 我是伊麗莎白利基斯。歡迎收聽重點報道節目。 It is easier
          • 環球慢速英語 被毀的城市(2) After the war, people came from the church to help, to advise. They offered hope. 戰爭結束以后,教會人員提供了幫助和建議。他們帶來了希望。 They encouraged people in Dresden to help each other and to work hard. 他們鼓勵德
          • 環球慢速英語 被毀的城市(3) Voice 2: In the destroyed church in Coventry, people found some iron nails that had fallen from the burning roof. They made a cross from these nails. To Christians, the cross is a sign of pain and forgiveness. The people who made it said: 'We want to
          • 環球慢速英語 被毀的城市(4) And in 1990, the people decided to build the beautiful Church of Our Lady as it had been before the bombing. 1990年,人們決定恢復圣母教堂遭轟炸前的原貌。 It would take a long time. They moved the stones of the old building from th
          • 環球慢速英語 被毀的城市(5) For example, there was a gold cross on top of the old Church of Our Lady in Dresden. 舉個例子,德勒斯登舊圣母教堂頂部有個金色的十字架。 It stood on a golden orb, or ball. 這個十字架矗立在一個金色的球體上。 In
          • 環球慢速英語 華雷斯的女性(1) Thank you for joining us for Spotlight. I'm Liz Waid. 謝謝大家收聽重點報道節目。我是利茲韋德。 And I'm Joshua Leo. Spotlight uses a special English method of broadcasting. 我是喬舒亞里奧。重點報道節目用慢速英語的
          • 環球慢速英語 華雷斯的女性(2) Sadly, violence against women is common in many parts of the world. 不幸的是,針對婦女的暴力行為在世界上許多地方都很普遍。 The World Health Organization says that up to fifty percent of women have experienced physical viole
          • 環球慢速英語 華雷斯的女性(3) Voice 1: Police call murders with similar victims and details serial murders. Some people and aid workers in Juarez and Chihuahua believe that the murders in these cities are serial murders. They believe that one person, or a few people are murdering
          • 環球慢速英語 華雷斯的女性(4) Voice 1: Situations like this are common. Police want to catch the murderers. But sometimes, they want to work too fast. They use methods of torture to make men confess to crimes. This means that they accuse the wrong men of a crime. This leads to tw
          • 環球慢速英語 華雷斯的女性(5) Voice 1: There have been some improvements. But the violence continues. But why does this violence continue? Why do people let it continue? 聲音1:現在情況有了一些改善。但是暴力事件仍在持續。為什么暴力事件還在發生?
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