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          我想說(shuō) I Wanna Talk

          • I Wanna Talk-Losing weight減肥 Introduction This support pack accompanies: I wanna talk about losing weight To watch the video online, go to: http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/i-wanna-talk-about/losing-weight This support pack contains the following materials: . a pre-list
          • I Wanna Talk-vinyl 黑膠唱片 Transcript OK. Well I wanna talk about vinyl. Hmmwhy play it cause I dont have a record player. But well Im sat here which you cant see, but Im sat there you go, when I hear it, it will be worth it. here holding a new record. Everyone just laughed at
          • I Wanna Talk-Radiohead 電臺司令 Transcript I wanna talk about Radiohead. For anyone who doesn't know, they are a five-piece indie band from Oxford, England. I first started to like them since 1997 when they released 'OK Computer' that year. And actually I bought their album out of
          • I Wanna Talk-Radiohead 我與野豬的奇遇 Sorry,there is not text temporarily, Please help tingroom to look for it! 如果您能找到更好的聽(tīng)力原文,請發(fā)貼到 聽(tīng)力原文收集區 ,您將會(huì )獲得 10 到 30 積分的獎勵 ! Thank you !
          • I Wanna Talk-My Son 我的兒子 Tape script: I wanna talk about my son I want to talk about my son. My son is now one year and eight months old, has brought enormous happiness to our family although my wife, my parentin- laws always complain about how tiring it is to look after him
          • I Wanna Talk-learning language 學(xué)習語(yǔ)言 I wanna talk about learning languages. Ive lived in many different countries, both in Western Europe, Middle East, and now here in Hong Kong. And during all of that time, Ive learned five or six different languages, to one degree or another. I love l
          • I Wanna Talk-living on my own 獨自生活 I wanna talk about my experience of moving out and living on my own. Moving out to live on your own is not very common in Hong Kong. Many people still choose to live with their parents even though they have a decent job and theyre already at their th
          • I Wanna Talk- beating stress 排解壓力 I wanna talk about beating stress today. You know life here in Hong Kong is very stressful so I think todays topic is very useful for everyone because we can do something about it, just to cope with the stress. So maybe you have some change(s) in you
          • I Wanna Talk- horror films 恐怖電影 I want to talk about horror films and why I like them and what my favourite types are. When I was young, I watched the classic horror films like 'Nightmare On Elms Street' and 'Friday The 13th'. My mum told me that when I was about six, she came down
          • I Wanna Talk-my two cats 我的兩只貓 Id like to talk about my two cats who are called Misha and Masha and they are nine years old, and, because I work for the British Council and I have worked in lots of different parts of the world, they are quite international cats; so they were born
          • I Wanna Talk-my life in UK 我在英國的生活 I wanna talk about my life in UK. I went to study in the UK a few years ago. The most exciting experience is that I went to a host family for my Christmas holiday in December. I went there aloneon a train, it took me one or two hours to get there, to
          • I Wanna Talk- Coventry City football team 科芬特里城市足球隊 I wanna talk about supporting Coventry City, the team Ive supported since I was a young boy at school. Coventry City are a team from the West Midlands near Birmingham where I grew up and just to give a bit of background on the club, it was founded ba
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