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          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(1) Hello? 你好 Yes, I'm coming to get him in... 對,我正要去找他 I'm sorry. Did you say He escaped.? 等一下,你剛才是不是說,他逃跑了 Hi, it's Joan Watson. 你好,我是喬恩華生 On the off chance you haven't already been
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(2) Spot on! 分毫不差 Sherlock Holmes. 夏洛克福爾摩斯 Please don't get comfortable, we won't be here long. 請不要太隨意,咱們很快就得走 Mr. Holmes, did your father tell you about me or not? 福爾摩斯先生,令尊到底有沒有
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(3) Is your car parked nearby? 你的車停在附近嗎 Yes, it's just out there. 對,就停在外面 How did you know I had a car? 你怎么知道我有車 Parking ticket, fell out of your purse when you dropped it. 你手袋掉地上的時候,停車票
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(4) Captain Gregson... 格雷森警監 Holmes! 福爾摩斯 How are you doing? Miss Watson, 你好嗎, 華生小姐 This is Captain Gregson, Captain Gregson 這位是格雷森警監,格雷森警監 this is Miss Watson my personal valet. 這是華生小
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(5) Dr. Richard Mantlo came home a few hours ago 理查德曼特羅醫生幾個小時前回家 to find his door kicked in and his wife... 發現家門被踢開,而他的妻子 Amy Dampier, missing. 艾米丹普,失蹤了 That's, uh... that's Mantlo o
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(6) Captain, if you please? 警監,麻煩過來下 Yeah? 來了 Ms. Dampier knew her attacker. 丹普小姐認識襲擊者 She let him into the house herself. 是她讓他進屋的 Captain, who-who is this guy? 警監,這家伙是誰 There are two br
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(7) She's in the safe room. 她在密室里 What safe room? 哪來的密室 The one behind that wall. 墻后面的密室 Husband didn't say anything about any safe room. 她丈夫沒說這里有密室 There's a slight angle to the floor in here. You can'
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(8) Well, not everything is deducible. 又不是所有事情都能演繹出來 I, uh, just want to say thanks for helping out today. 我就想說,謝謝你們今天的幫助 You-you got us our guy in, and, uh... and we're grateful. 你幫我們抓到了嫌
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(9) There. 找到了 That's a picture of Amy and Dr. Mantlo that I took that night, okay? 這是我當晚拍的艾米和曼特羅醫生的合照 Tell me you wouldn't want to ask her why she did it. 換做你不會想問她為什么要整容嗎 Tell me ab
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(10) I know my father secured your services 我知道我父親雇你工作 for the next six weeks? 六個星期 The simple truth is, I don't need you. 可我并不需要你 I'm finished with drugs. 我跟毒品玩完了 I won't be using them again. 我不會
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(11) Eileen Renfro. 艾琳蘭弗 Savagely beaten and strangled by an intruder 兩年前在布朗克斯的家中 in her Bronx home two years ago. 遭入室者毒打并扼喉 He took a jewelry box on his way out, 他離開時拿走了一個首飾盒 but lef
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(12) I'm... I'm really sorry about that. 我,我很抱歉 The name of the man who attacked her is Peter Saldua. 襲擊她的人名叫彼得塞爾杜 He was her brother's best friend growing up. 是她哥哥的好朋友,兩人是發小 His father was a
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(13) You wanted to be the one who found him, didn't you? 你本想自己找到他,對吧 I don't do what I do for the credit. 我可不是為了居功才做這些事的 Then why do you do it? 那你是為了什么 I would like to thank the police, again
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(14) The day we met you deduced that I gave up being a surgeon 見面那天,你推斷我放棄當外科醫生 to become a companion because I had lost someone close to me. 去做陪護是因為我失去了親近的人 The truth is... 事實是 The truth
          • 福爾摩斯:基本演繹法 第一季第1集 Pilot(15) It means I think you know a lost cause when you see one. 這說明你看到自己就知道你注定要失敗 Tomorrow I'll arrange for a new companion, 明天我給你換一個新陪護 but tonight I've got plans. 今晚我另有安排 Here you go. 給
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