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             Jane Eyre,中文譯名為《簡愛》,是世界上最偉大的經典小說之一,它由英國著名女作家夏洛蒂•勃朗特編著而成。故事發生在19世紀中葉的英國鄉村。主人公簡•愛是一個孤兒,從寄養在舅父家到生活在寄宿學校,受盡人間的不平與凌辱。她孤獨憂郁,追求平等使她充滿反抗精神和奮發意志。為了追求獨立、自由的生活,她自登廣告應聘到桑菲爾德莊園當家庭教師,并與比她年齡大20歲的主人羅切斯特產生了真摯的愛情。。。。。。



          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter1添加文本 CHAPTER ONE The Fight We couldnt go outside at all on that cold, rainy afternoon. The rain was pouring down, and the wind was blowing hard. I didn't care and I was happy to stay indoors. Trying to take long walks in the winter was terrible! It was su
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter2 CHAPTER TWO Going to School When I woke up, a doctor was carrying me to my own bedroom. It was good to be back in my room, which had a warm fire and candlelight. I was also happy to see Dr. Lloyd, who was a very kind man. He was the doctor that helpe
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter3 PART TWO----THE SCHOOLGIRL CHAPTER THREE My First Impressions of School Finally, in the middle of January. I left Gateshead for Lowood School. Bessie helped me to get ready, even though I had to get up very early to leave. Will you say good-bye to Mr
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter4 CHAPTER FOUR My New Friend The next morning we got up in the dark. In all the rooms it was as cold as ice. This time the porridge was not burned, but I still felt hungry because there was not enough. The girl I had spoken with yesterday was older tha
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter5 CHAPTER FIVE Mr. Brocklehursts Visit It was hard to get used to the rules at Lowood, and to the extremely cold, hard winter. In January, February and March there was deep snow, but we still had to go outside for one hour every day. We had no warm boo
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter6 CHAPTER SIX Life at Lowood Continues As spring came and the days grew warmer, life at Lowood no longer seemed so hard. We enjoyed walking and playing outside, under a blue sky. But the warm weather also brought sickness to our area. By May, more than
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter7 PART THREE---- A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELD CHAPTER SEVEN Mr. Rochester The house where I was to work was called Thornfield. It was a large house in the country. After a days journey, I arrived at the house. Mrs. Fairfax, who came out to meet me, was
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter8 CHAPTER EIGHT Life with Mr. Rochester Now that Mr. Rochester had returned , Thornfield hall was very busy. Many people came to visit his and talk about business. Adele was too excited to study. That evening we had tea with Mr. Rochester. Of course, t
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter9 CHAPTER NINE Mr. Rochesters Secrets After a little time at Thornfield, I knew that Mr. Rochester and I were becoming friends. He was beginning to trust and like me. Many times, when we walked in the garden or sat by a fire in the evening, he told me
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter10 CHAPTER TEN A Conversation with Grace Poole In the morning I wanted to see Mr. Rochester but I could not find him. At first. I thought he had told his servants that the fire was an accident. When I passed his bedroom, I saw Grace Poole sitting in a c
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter11 CHAPTER ELEVEN A Great Party at Thornfield It was two weeks before I heard anything about Mr. Rochester. All that time, I tried hard not to think about him. I told myself that I was Adeles teacher, and nothing more. Finally one day Mrs. Fairfax told
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter12 CHAPTER TWELEVE The Gypsy Soon after Mr. Mason had met the other guests, a servant came into the sitting room and told them that an old gypsy woman had also come. She was supposed to be a fortune- teller. All the ladies were very excited and wanted t
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter13 CHAPTER THIRTEEN Mr. Mason is Attacked I woke up in the middle of the night to hear someone shouting. I jumped out of bed. It came from the top floor! What was happening? Then I heard the sounds of two people fighting. Help! Help! Help! Wont anyone h
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter14 CHAPTER FOURTEEN I Return to Gateshead The next day I got a letter from Gateshead. There was much trouble and sadness there. My cousin, John Reed, had spent all his money and most of his mothers. he had been in prison most of his life. He owed many p
          • 有聲名著之簡愛Jene Eyer Chapter15 CHAPTER FIFTEEN The New Mrs. Rochester And so I began to travel back to Thornfield hall. While I was at Gateshead, Mrs. Fairfax had written to me. She told me that all the ladies and gentlemen had left, and that Mr. Rochester had gone to London to pr
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