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          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第01期 前言 Patagonia, Argentina. This is dinosaur country, a land where the rocks are rich with fossils. 阿根廷,巴塔哥尼亞。這里是恐龍的國度,巖石中布滿了化石 For millions of years, this peaceful land has kept a terrible secret, 億萬
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第02期 科學與科幻的差距 A huge plant-eating dinosaur takes on a massive carnivore in an ugly pitched battle for survival. 一只巨大的植食恐龍遇到了一只大型食肉恐龍,它們將在這個險惡的地方為生存而戰 This idea of the two biggest creatures o
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第03期 巴塔哥尼亞 Paleontologists come to the plains around Plaza Huincul searching for clues to a prehistoric world. 古生物學家們來到普拉薩烏因庫爾周圍的平原,尋找史前世界的遺跡 This place was once home to the most extreme dinosaurs ever
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第04期 阿根廷龍 After many days of back-breaking digging, 經過數日的艱苦挖掘 they had revealed just part of an enormous skeleton. 他們只挖出了這副巨大骨骼的一部分 They hauled whole chunks of rock back to the workshop to free the bones inside
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第05期 植食恐龍 It's an immense plant-eater. It's perhaps 80 to 100 metric tonnes. 它是龐大無比的植食恐龍,可能有80~100噸重 It's the size of a herd of elephants. 換句話說,相當于一群大象 It may be that there are dinosaurs even bigger t
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第06期 霸王龍登場 These giant animals lumbered slowly across the landscape in large herds. 這些巨大的動物成群結隊,在陸地上緩慢行走 With tiny brains the size of a golf ball, 它們的腦只有高爾夫球那么大 they were neither quick-witted nor
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第07期 陸地板塊的分離 But over the ages, Pangea broke up into two giant land masses, one in the north and one in the south. 隨著時代的變遷,盤古大陸分裂為兩塊巨大的陸地板塊,一塊向北漂移,一塊向南漂移 Probably around 100 million years
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第08期 南方巨獸龍 In fact, in the time of the long-neck Argentinosaurus, scientists could find no trace of any large meat-eaters stalking the continent. 事實上,在阿根廷龍的時代,科學家們尚未發現大型食肉恐龍在這塊大陸上的遺跡 But al
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第09期 巨龍之間的較量(1) Giganotosaurus is 10-15 percent more massive and longer than Tyrannosaurus rex, which for a long time was record holder. 南方巨獸龍比長久以來保持最大紀錄的霸王龍還要大10~15% Giganotosaurus was an incredible animal, around 13
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第10期 巨龍之間的較量(2) Could this really ever have happened? 這種事真的會發生嗎 As paleontologists considered the idea of such an epic battle, they immediately saw a problem. 古生物學家認為這種想法是荒謬的,他們立刻指出了其中的破綻 The
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第11期 恐龍的腳印 Angela Milner, like many paleontologists, believes the mega-carnivores were solitary creatures. Angela Milner和許多古生物學家一樣,也認為大型食肉恐龍營獨居生活 Traditional view of large meat-eaters dinosaurs behaviour was 傳統
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第12期 群居的證明 We have meat-eating dinosaur footprints, but all of them seem to be solitary. 我們也發現了食肉恐龍的腳印,但都是單獨的腳印 Even when we have a track-way of several footprints in a row, 就算找到一連串腳印的痕跡 we nev
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第13期 同生共死 Sites like these where many plant-eating dinosaurs have been killed in an accident 像這種植食恐龍集體死于意外的地點 lead paleontologists to believe these herbivores were living together in herds when they died together. 使得古生物學
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第14期 推翻觀點 But one man was going to change all that. 可是有一個人打算推翻這種觀點 Phil Currie is one of the world's most accomplished paleontologists. Philip Currie是世界上最有成就的古生物學家之一 He is one of the few scientists in
          • 紀錄片《巨龍的奧秘》 第15期 找出證據 Currie now began to think the idea of large meat-eating dinosaurs as pack hunters was a serious possibility. Currie現在開始認為大型食肉恐龍是群體狩獵者的可能性很大 But to prove his hunch, he needed hard evidence, 但是為了證
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