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          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第1期:不再衰老 I love life, 我熱愛生活 so I want to remain young, 所以我想保持年輕 energetic, enjoy it for as long as I can. 活力充沛 盡可能長久地享受生活 I'm medically trained. 我受過醫學培訓 I know all the standard advice for sta
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第2期:吃多了有罪惡感 What I discovered was truly surprising. 我的發現著實令我吃驚 It involves no pills, no injections and no hidden cost. 無需涉及藥物和注射 沒有潛在損失 It's all a question of what you eat. 完全取決于你所吃的食物 Or ra
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第3期:年老者的馬拉松 There are plenty of people who stay young and fit 有很多人即使早就過了退休年齡 well beyond retirement age. 仍然能保持年輕活力 They mainly do it the traditional way - 他們大多用的是傳統方式 through lots and lots of ex
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第4期:保持年輕的秘訣 I'm going to trying and flag a few of them down 我打算舉牌子吸引他們停下 to ask how they do it. 問問他們的秘訣 - Hello! How are you? - Hello! -你好 你好嗎 -你好 - How old are you? - 78. -您多大了 -七十八歲 - And how
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第5期:長壽者的健康飲食 How old is Fauja? 費加多大年紀了 101. 101歲 Born on 1st April 1911. 1911年4月1號出生 Unfortunately he hasn't quite mastered the English language yet. 可惜他還不太精通英語 Do you mind asking him how he's feeling? 能幫我問問他
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第6期:吃得少 It's a simple Punjabi farmer's diet, 就是簡單的旁遮普農民飲食 so just fresh food, 吃新鮮的食物 - but his secret is that he has smaller portions. - Right. -但他的秘訣是吃得量較少 -是 In poor countries, people die of starv
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第7期:長壽與飲食的關系 For decades, teams of scientists around the world 幾十年以來 各地的科學團隊 have been intensely studying ageing. 投身衰老問題的研究 Now, clearly, genes play a significant part 顯然 基因在我們衰老的速度和程度上 in
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第8期:低熱量飲食能長壽 During the darkest years 在經濟大蕭條 of Great Depression - 1929 to 1933 最黑暗的1929至1933年間 life expectancy increased by a remarkable six years. 人均壽命顯著增加 延長了六年 Now, on the face of it, that is really surprisi
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第9期:改寫人體生理學 Washington University is at the heart of this new science. 華盛頓大學致力于這門新興學科 We are rewriting human physiology here! 我們將在這里改寫人體生理學 It's astonishing, you know, 令人驚訝的是 how simple dietary in
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第10期:靠水果生存 A lovely, lovely house. 真是漂亮的房子 - Were the directions good? - Very good, thank you. -我指的路好找嗎 -很好找 謝謝 Joe Cordell is a Cronie - 喬科代爾是一個低熱量飲食者 a calorie restrictor on optimal nutrition. 即限
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第11期::日常飲食豐富 Is in the skin? 在皮里面 Yes, it's in the skin. 是的 在皮里 The rest is sugar and calories. 其余部分含的是糖和熱量 - This is generally what I'll have each morning. - The whole thing? -通常我的早餐就是這些 -這一整碗 -
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第12期:面包圈與漢堡 What I'd love to do is take you off and do a number of tests 我想帶你去做一些測試 and see just how we compare. 看我們倆比較起來如何 OK, I'm game for that. So, is this a challenge? 好 我加入 這算是一種挑戰嗎 This is a c
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第13期:老化 Some of the simplest ways of assessing ageing 評定衰老程度最簡單的方法 don't need specialist equipment. 不需要用到特殊器材 Oh, this is good. 做得很好 Balance is controlled by your inner ear. 平衡功能由內耳決定 As you
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第14期:身體脂肪超標 Luigi's methods are rather more scientific. 路易吉的方法則要更為科學 We did a range of other medical tests, 我們做了一系列其他醫學檢驗 including blood tests. 包括血液檢查 Now he's about to give us our results. 現在他要
          • 紀錄片《節食還是截壽》 第15期:脂肪與疾病的關系 And he's still not done talking about my fat. 關于我的脂肪 他還沒說完 Abdominal fat is around 30%. 腹部脂肪率約為30% Abdominal fat is really the bad guy. 腹部脂肪可真是壞東西 The higher the abdominal fat, the higher the ri
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