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          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第1期 愛貓 The thing I love about cats is that they're very independent, 我喜歡貓的地方在于他們很獨立 but very loving. 但很有愛 - You can play with them. - They're comforting. -你可以和他們玩兒 -他們讓你開心 They're furry. 他們毛
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第2期 貓的生活 Good boy! Are you wanting to go outside 好孩子 你想出去轉轉嗎 and we can see what you're doing with that camera on? 讓我們用攝像機看看你都去干嘛了好嗎 They'll be wearing specially designed cat cameras to show us 他們將戴著
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第3期 主人想要了解貓 I'm going to find Shamley on the map for us. 我要在地圖上找到杉莫利 John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis 約翰布拉德肖和薩拉艾利斯 are two of Britain's leading cat scientists. 是英國兩位貓類前沿科學家 It should sweep round
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第4期 貓的行為 But despite their popularity, 但除了他們的數量之外 scientists know surprisingly little about their behaviour 科學家們對他們在貓洞之外的行為 once they've left the cat flap. 了解得卻出奇的少 Got a fairly wide range of t
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第5期 走得遠的貓 The scientists are looking to recruit 50 cats of all ages, 科學家們打算招募不同年齡 sizes and breeds. 體型和品種的五十只貓 I've got three cats, if that's any good! 我有三只貓 如果可以的話 I've got one. 我有一只 On
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第6期 貓的普通生活 Everyone's gathered in the village hall to meet the scientists 大家聚集到鎮里的市政廳跟科學家們見面 and find out more about what the study will involve. 了解這項研究的更多信息 We want to get a picture of your cat's natura
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第7期 大型貓科動物 The technology that Alan has developed for the big cats 艾倫開發出來用在這些大型貓科動物身上的 is an advanced GPS tracker. 是一種先進的GPS追蹤器 It tracks the animal's position, speed 它追蹤動物的位置 速度 and ho
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第8期 動物項鏈 He now has to do the same for our pet moggies 現在他要把這項技術縮小化 by miniaturising his technology. 來對我們的寵物貓進行監測 And today, he's testing it out for the first time. 今天 他要進行第一次測試 This is Zac
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第9期 秘密拍攝貓 Fantastic! 太棒了 Give her another stroke. 再摸摸她 Excellent, and let her eat. 很好 讓她吃東西 - Have one of these. - More food for him? -吃點這個 -再給他點吃的吧 Amazing. 太神奇了 Within a few days, we've got 50 collars
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第10期 巡邏地盤 Brutus, who simply patrols around his home. 布魯特斯只在自己家附近巡視 Molly, who's drawn to the neighbouring wood. 茉莉跑去了附近的樹林 And Ginger, who heads out to a neighbour's house. 而小姜則直接跑去了鄰居家 The
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第11期 貓的神秘世界 He tends to travel quite a range 他喜歡在某特定時間 in this one particular time period. 出去大范圍巡視 But Sooty is unusual. 但蘇提并不尋常 In the heart of the village 在鎮子中部 the average male cat 普通的公貓 goes j
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第12期 寵物貓溜達 Even if they don't go far from the cat flap, 雖然他們離家并不遠 they are still busy patrolling round and round the same area. 但他們仍忙于一遍遍地巡視同樣一片區域 Which do you think is the one who's travelled furthest? 哪一
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第13期 貓在巡視 Quite a rush to get to this point 我們很匆忙地趕到這里 and so many things could have gone wrong, 很多事情都有可能出錯 they don't seem to have done so so far, 還好現在一切都還正常 so I'm really pleased, really excited 所以
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第14期 逗貓 The cat's welfare is the first priority. 貓貓的舒適度是第一要義 The cameras are very light, 相機非常輕 and will be fitted onto quick-release collars 裝在一個可以快速解開的項圈上 in case they get caught up. 防止他們被拌
          • 紀錄片《貓的秘密》 第15期 兩只貓打架 For some cats, the privet hedges and gravel paths 對一些貓來說 我們后花園外的 off our back gardens are a battle ground. 女貞樹籬和礫石小徑就是戰場 There was one cat that came into the garden. 曾經有只貓進了花園 It w
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