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          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第01期:對酒的依賴 I'm an addiction specialist and 我是個戒毒專家 for me that means hard drugs 我所面對的大多是硬性毒品 Heroin Cocaine. 例如海洛因和可卡因 But theres one drug that is just everywhere. 不過有一種成癮品泛濫成災 Alco
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第02期:青少年喝醉的危害 What are the dangers of our children drinking too young? 青少年飲酒會有什么危害 Alcohol kills brain cells. 酒精會殺死大腦細胞 They can bring their blood alcohol levels up so high 血液中的酒精含量會升高 that they're gett
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第03期:酒是成癮品 Family Christmas meal. 圣誕家庭聚餐 Divorce. 離婚 Reminiscing at funerals. 在葬禮上追懷舊人 Birthday parties weddings. 生日聚會 婚禮 Friday night down the pub. 周末晚泡吧 Every Monday Wednesday and Friday. 每周一三五飲酒
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第04期:為什么喜歡喝酒 The fact is I've been drinking ever since I was a teenager. 事實上 少年時代起我就開始喝酒 And yet what I've never dared to ask myself 不過 我一直不愿意去思考 is what exactly does it do to make me feel the way I do when I drin
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第05期:覺得可以改變世界 It relaxes me. 它使我放松 I feel so much more relaxed. 我覺得輕松多了 It makes me mellow. 它使我輕松自在 Relaxed. 覺得放松 It seems obvious to me that there's also an immediate high 我可以明顯感覺到一陣快意 a buzz a
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第06期:喝酒能抗憂慮 It's confidence. 自信 One more stage. 還有作用更強的 And that's the Barbiturates. Now these are anaesthetics. 是巴比妥酸鹽 相當于麻醉藥 High-dose Barbiturates Anaesthetics put people to sleep. 大劑量的巴比妥酸鹽或麻醉藥
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第07期:喝醉了會覺得更有吸引力 There is something about alcohol 酒有一種莫可名狀的作用 that makes other people more attractive to you 如果兩個人都喝醉了 and you more attractive to other people if you're both drunk. 喝醉的人會覺得彼此更加有吸引力
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第08期:物競天擇 When I think of alcohol the images that spring to mind 一想到酒 我就會頓時聯想到 are bars the clatter of glasses the pouring of liquids. 酒吧里的觥籌交錯和杯中美酒 And alcohol is just a sort of product that we have created. 酒
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第09期:酵母培養 But the really clever part is that alcohol is poisonous to other bugs. 酒精對其他病菌有毒 這就是酵母狡猾之處 So bad for those other bugs good for yeast and good for us. 可憐了那些病菌 成就了酵母和人類 Thats right. 確實
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第10期:酒桌上的生意 This is another ripe one. 吃一個熟的 Give it a go. 嘗嘗吧 Oh you're not kidding. That's quite strong. 不試不知道 酒精味還真足 Actually the cherry taste has diminished 事實上 櫻桃味已經變淡了 but there is a hint of alcoho
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第11期:飲酒習慣 What strikes me about how I and other people drink 最令我吃驚的是 is how much that reveals about us. 飲酒習慣也是我們生活的寫照 It seems to me we can chart our lives in relation to alcohol. 它似乎決定我們的生活軌跡 And
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第12期:猴子也貪杯 In 2004 on the island of St Kitts 2004年 在圣基茨島上 people noticed monkeys coming in from the surrounding jungle 人們發現旁邊叢林里的猴子 and stealing cocktails. 會來偷雞尾酒 Monkeys wouldv'e been used to consuming low leve
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第13期:飲酒容易亂事 It's a limited resource I guess. 還真是搶手貨啊 What the scientists did was to 科學家所做的 recreate the drinking opportunities offered to monkeys on the island 就是在受控的環境中 but in a controlled environment. 重演猴子在島
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第14期:有些人不喜歡喝酒 We know which one you've been at fella! 伙計 那實在太危險了啊 I recognise these different behaviours. 這些行為并不陌生 They obviously apply to us humans too. 人類也有同樣的行為 But the interesting thing is 但有趣的是 h
          • 紀錄片《你喝多了嗎》 第15期:也有猴子不喝酒 There is something really striking about this drug alcohol. 關于酒精 還有一點很值得研究的 Whether monkey or human 無論是猴子或人類 it seems to divide us into three distinct tribes. 似乎都可分為三種 Theres one group that
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