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          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第01期 大洋小島(01) The South Pacific. The name is familiar, 南太平洋。令人熟悉的名字 but 230 years after Captain Cook's epic voyages, this vast ocean remains little known. 但在庫克船長(cháng)史詩(shī)般的航行230年之后,我們對這片遼闊的海洋卻仍
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第02期 大洋小島(02) Out of the blue, a giant emerges from the deep. 一個(gè)巨怪沖出蔚藍的海面 Right now, the monster moves silently, but it's equipped with an awesome force. 此刻,它悄然涌動(dòng),但隨時(shí)會(huì )釋放出恐怖的力量 Some of the largest wave
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第03期 大洋小島(03) No other ocean has had a greater impact 南太平洋對諸多生命和文化 on the lives of so many different animals and cultures than the South Pacific, 產(chǎn)生了巨大的沖擊,沒(méi)有任何海洋能與之媲美 and it's all down to its massive
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第04期 大洋小島(04) Starting in the Antarctic, they've drifted for nearly eight months... 從南極圈出發(fā),它們漂流了近8個(gè)月 on the way, passing the most southerly outpost in the South Pacific. 途經(jīng)南太平洋最南端 Where New Zealand's temperate seas m
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第05期 大洋小島(05) One month later, another wave of migrants appear in the surf. 一個(gè)月后,另一批移民乘風(fēng)破浪而來(lái) These are royal penguins, and they're about to have their first sighting of land in seven months. 這是皇家企鵝,它們7個(gè)月以來(lái)首
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第06期 大洋小島(06) Out in the open ocean, royal penguins lead solitary lives, 生活在開(kāi)闊海域的皇家企鵝獨來(lái)獨往 so these cramped conditions take a bit of getting used to. 所以它們需要慢慢習慣這種擁擠的環(huán)境 Disputes settled, it's time to
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第07期 大洋小島(07) Powered by the strongest winds in the world, 受強勁氣流的推動(dòng) the current continues east until it hits the tip of South America, where it's driven northwards. 洋流將不停地向東移動(dòng),直到在南美末端遇阻,然后改道北上 O
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第08期 大洋小島(08) The sea lions share these nutrient-rich waters with another equatorial misfit. 海獅與另一種不適合在赤道附近生存的動(dòng)物分享這片富饒水域 Penguins - the only penguins found in the tropics. 企鵝,這是唯一在熱帶安家的企
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第09期 大洋小島(09) Imagine each island as a castle, 把島嶼想象為一座城堡 and the ocean a giant moat stretching to the horizon in every direction, 海洋就是一直延伸到遙遠地平線(xiàn)的巨大的護城河 and you have captured the essence of their isolat
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第10期 大洋小島(10) The biggest can weigh up to four kilograms - the same as a newborn baby 最大的體重超過(guò)4公斤,相當于一個(gè)新生兒 and have a leg span of one metre. 四肢跨度長(cháng)達一米 It's a hermit crab on steroids. 它屬于陸生寄居蟹科 At
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第11期 大洋小島(11) Robber crabs are perhaps the only animals in the world able to break into a coconut. 盜蟹也許是地球上唯一能打破椰子的動(dòng)物 The husk is ripped off by powerful pincers. 它憑借強力的蟹鰲撕開(kāi)椰殼 Other legs drill through the
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第12期 大洋小島(12) For animal castaways, finding new land in this vast ocean was a chance in a million. 對于漂流動(dòng)物而言,在汪洋大海中找到新陸地的機會(huì )十分渺小 To beat the odds, luck was needed, 想戰勝困難需要運氣 And this sometimes c
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第13期 大洋小島(13) For an animal to be sucked up by storm winds, 對于一個(gè)卷入颶風(fēng)的動(dòng)物而言 carried across the ocean and dumped here alive was a matter of extraordinary luck. 橫跨大洋被活著(zhù)扔在此地實(shí)屬幸運 Yet that's what happened to the anc
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第14期 大洋小島(14) Hawaii's isolation has had a curious effect on the evolution of some of its other wildlife, too. 夏威夷對其它野生動(dòng)物也產(chǎn)生了奇妙的影響 Crawling around these ferns are caterpillars. 這些在蕨類(lèi)植物上爬行的是毛蟲(chóng) They'r
          • 紀錄片《南太平洋》 第15期 大洋小島(15) And the stick-like camouflage of another kind of meat-eating caterpillar is just as effective when ambushing prey. 另一種食肉毛蟲(chóng)長(cháng)有樹(shù)枝般的偽裝正好用來(lái)伏擊獵物 Nobody knows what set Hawaii's carnivorous caterpillars on this e
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