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          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第1期:怪異的氣候 Something strange is happening to our weather. 我們的天氣發生了奇怪的變化 It seems to be getting more extreme. 似乎開始變得更極端 Yeah, it could be a record-breaking cold night... 是的 可能會是個破紀錄的寒冷夜晚 B
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第2期:極端天氣 Our weather is hypnotically beautiful. 天氣令我們著迷 It's constantly changing, 它不斷變化 famously difficult to predict. 難以預測 But why does it seem to be getting weirder? 但它為什么似乎變得更古怪了呢 The world's lead
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第3期:了解颶風 He's a hurricane scientist 他是研究颶風的科學家 who's turned in his white coat 脫下白大褂 for a blue jumpsuit, 換上藍色的傘兵服 and left the lab for the MacDill Air Force base 走出實驗室 走向美國佛羅里達州 in Tamp
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第4期:橄欖球場 But carrying out complicated scientific experiments in the middle of hurricane 在颶風里開展復雜的科學實驗 creates its own set of unique problems. 會伴隨著一些獨特的問題 You're coming in at say 10,000 feet, 從三千米的高空飛
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第3期:颶風追逐者 The hurricane chasers produce mountains of data from every flight. 颶風追逐者每次飛行 都會收集海量的數據 And one of the things they've discovered 而他們的一項發現是 is that hurricanes pulse at night. 颶風晚上會發生脈沖
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第6期:熱力發動機 North Atlantic hurricanes only account for about 11% 世界只有上大約11%的熱帶氣旋 of the world's tropical cyclones. 是北大西洋颶風 But Professor Kerry Emanuel, 然而凱瑞伊曼紐教授 one of the world's leading hurricane experts
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第7期:核彈威力 As all of that heat drifts upwards, 熱量向上轉移時 it gets whipped into huge hurricane-force winds. 會激發巨大的強颶風 This is a process we all have personal experience of. 這是一個我們都有切身體會的過程 When people go
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第8期:弱風暴 Part of this increase in hurricane power 八十年代至今 from the '80s to recent times, 颶風越來越強的一部分原因 is related to sea surface temperature. 與海洋表面溫度有關 The reason is that as the temperature goes up, 隨著溫度
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第9期:黑天鵝事件 And as you go towards stronger events the numbers decline, 隨著風暴威力的增加 數量也逐漸減少 until you get to a speed limit 直到達到極限速度 which, in today's climate, is about 200 miles per hour. 按現在的氣候也就是32
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第10期:颶風的威脅 I'm somebody who spends a lot of time 我花了很多時間 modelling hurricanes in the current climate and future climates. 建立現在氣候和未來氣候下的颶風模型 When we do that, we begin to see hurricanes 模型告訴我們 that haven
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第11期:白色的棉花 This is West Texas, 這里是西德州 where they're very comfortable with extremes. 那里的人們早已習慣了走極端 Big cars. 大汽車 Big hats. 大帽子 And big farms aren't the exception, but the norm. 大農場也不例外 隨處可見
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第12期:很多的雨水 Matt recorded this raging dust storm on his camera phone. 馬特用他的手機拍下了沙塵暴肆虐的畫面 Just a reminder how dry we are 只是為了提醒我們 and the condition that our land is in. 我們的土地旱成了什么樣 This dus
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第13期:嚴重干旱 It's now officially the worst drought on record here. 現在的確是記錄中最嚴重的干旱了 It's fast becoming like the dust bowl of the 1930s, 就快要變成20世紀30年代的沙塵暴 which forced thousands people off their land. 迫使數千
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第14期:大雨浸透 Global weirding is a phrase she helped popularise. 她幫助普及了全球怪象這一說法 One of the clues to the weirding of the West Texas weather 西德州古怪天氣成因的一個線索 lies right under her feet. 就藏在她腳下 What we
          • 紀錄片《全球怪象》 第15期:一百年來的氣候 Two record-breaking years back-to-back 連續兩年出現極端天氣 is unheard of in this part of the world. 在這片土地上還是頭一遭 The thing that we are concerned about 我們擔心的是 is that the dew points are going to be a little
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