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          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第1期 漫漫長路(1) Penguins, behind their feisty charm lies an amazing character. 企鵝,趣怪外表的背后,是奇異性情 These cheeky birds have to bring up their chicks against the most extraordinary odds. 這種調皮雀鳥在惡劣環境中撫養子女 Spy
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第2期 漫漫長路(2) They are Emperors, 它們是皇企鵝 the world's tallest and most regal penguin, standing a metre high. 世上最高、最具王者風范的企鵝,身高一米 Their curiosity is encouraging. 它們的好奇心令人鼓舞 They must accept Emperor
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第3期 漫漫長路(3) Rockhoppers are spirited characters. 跳巖企鵝精力旺盛 Tough, irrepressible, with a reputation of never giving up. 堅韌不拔,難以征服,以從不放棄而聞名 It's just as well. 這樣正好 As soon as they're ashore, the waves recl
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第4期 漫漫長路(4) Fur seals! 海狗來了 Chasing penguins is one of their favourite pastimes. 追趕企鵝是它們最喜歡的娛樂方式 To the seals, it's just a game. 對海狗來說,這只是個游戲 They normally prey on fish and squid. 它們通常以魚和烏
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第5期 漫漫長路(5) Back in Antarctica, 回到南極洲 the emperor penguins' trek to their breeding grounds is well under way. 帝企鵝們正長途跋涉前往繁殖地 It's a long slog and the frozen sea ice presents all kinds of challenges. 這是個漫長的旅程,
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第6期 漫漫長路(6) They haven't hopped for five months and they're out of practice. 它們已經五個月沒有跳巖了,技巧有些生疏了 Made it! But that was just the first few metres. 成功了,但這僅僅只是開始 There's nearly a hundred to go! 它們還
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第7期 漫漫長路(7) While their eyes adjust to the dark, they can't see the danger. 盡管它們的眼睛能適應黑暗,但卻意識不到危險 Vampires can last just two days without feeding on blood - they never turn down a meal. 蝙蝠在不吸血的情況下只能
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第8期 漫漫長路(8) His companions continue without him. 同伴們拋下它繼續前進 He escapes the maze, but it's too late. 終于,它逃離了迷宮,卻為時已晚 He must attempt the journey alone. 它必須設法獨自前行 Hardened by battle, the rockhoppe
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第9期 漫漫長路(9) But other males have beaten them here. 但其它雄企鵝們早已搶占先機 And it's difficult to remember exactly where you nested last year. 要記得去年筑窩的確切地點也很難 Those that have already staked a claim won't budge. 那些已
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第10期 漫漫長路(10) He's built to endure Antarctic storms, 它有能忍受南極風暴的先天條件 but it's a bad time for any penguin to be alone. 但是在這個時段落單確實也不好過 Ahead, the others are feeling the full force of the blizzard. 在前方的其
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第11期 漫漫長路(11) Humboldts are faithful birds and usually pair for life. 洪堡企鵝十分忠誠,通常一生只有一個伴侶 The males dig burrows to protect their young from the desert sun. 雄性洪堡企鵝挖好洞穴保護子女不被沙漠陽光灼傷 It'
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第12期 漫漫長路(12) Back in the Falklands, 7,000 rockhopper males have waited nearly two weeks for their partners to arrive. 視線回到??颂m群島。7000只跳巖企鵝已經等它們的伴侶等了接近兩個星期 Their only pastime has been a spot of housekeep
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第13期 漫漫長路(13) Preening helps rekindle their relationship. 整羽有助于它們重燃愛火 But not all are so lucky in love. 但并不是所有的企鵝都能成雙成對 This male is still waiting for his mate to return. 這只雄性企鵝還在等著它的另一半
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第14期 漫漫長路(14) Their synchronised waddle advertises they're an item. 它倆同步搖擺對外宣布它們是一對兒 It's time to get down to business. 是時候辦正事了 It's their first breeding season and their inexperience is clear. 這是它們的第一個繁
          • 紀錄片《臥底企鵝幫》 第15期 漫漫長路(15) At the emperor colony, after mating, the new couples keep themselves to themselves. 至于帝企鵝群,配對后,新組合的小兩口都自顧自 Two weeks later, it's time for their single egg to be laid. 兩周后,它們該產下唯一的一顆
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