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          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第1期:人類特有的語言 Hi, baby! 你好 寶寶 From the moment we're born, 從出生的那一刻起 we have language in our lives. 語言就存在于我們的生活中 Hi, baby! 你好 寶寶 A unique ability that defines us as human. 這種獨特的能力將我們界定為人
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第2期:孩子輕而易舉掌握語言 For most of us it just happens. 對于大多數人 說話是自然而然的事 It's such a sophisticated skill 這是一項精妙復雜的技能 and yet children learn it so easily with minimal effort at all. 而孩子們卻能夠輕而易舉地掌握
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第3期:牙牙學語 Cameras and microphones recorded 攝像機和麥克風不分晝夜地 every second of Deb's son's life 記錄著戴布兒子的生活 from the moment he was born until he was three-years-old. 從他出生的那一刻起直到三歲為止 Capturing in
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第4期:記錄成長 The wonder of language may not yet be fully understood. 也許人們尚未完全領會語言的奇妙之處 But how we start to talk is now being observed 不過現在 我們開始講話的過程 minute by minute for the first time. 首次被分分秒秒
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第5期:采集數據 My focus and my aim was to capture the phase 我的研究重點以及目標在于 up to the two-word utterance 捕捉逐漸形成雙詞的過程 and that could happen anywhere 這一過程可能出現在 between second and third birthday. 兩周歲到三
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第6期:教孩子簡單的語言 Despite the mountains of video footage, 盡管影像記錄堆積如山 Deb Roy is already uncovering the intricate effect 戴布羅伊已經發現了日常生活 daily life has on language development. 對語言發展的復雜作用 It seems cooing t
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第7期:聲音的改變 By the time a child is five, 到孩子五歲的時候 they'll know as many as 5,000 words. 他們可以識得五千個單詞 My voice changes when I get in a situation. 當我進入不同狀態時 聲音就會改變 That requires a rather precise pla
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第8期:動物學不會的語言 It's remarkable 值得注意的是 that no other animal has ever developed speech. 沒有任何其它動物曾擁有自己的語言 What is it that makes us unique? 是什么讓我們這么獨特 Do this, Vicky. 跟我學 薇琪 Another sound resembl
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第9期:人類獨特的的生理結構 Scientists believed they knew the answer. 科學家曾以為他們找到了答案 It was all down to our unique anatomy. 原因在于我們獨特的生理結構 We have a larynx, or voice box, 我們擁有喉 或者說聲匣 that's fixed low down in
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第10期:動物無法像人類說話的原因 So it seems that if it was just down to anatomy, 因此 僅從生理結構的角度來看的話 all mammals would have the ability to talk. 所有的哺乳動物都應具有講話的能力 The main conclusion that I draw from all this work is that 在這
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第11期:受傷也會影響說話 But if we are to ever truly understand language, 但若我們想要真正地認識語言 then it is deep inside our heads 就要深入人類大腦之中 where some of the greatest mysteries lie. 那里隱藏著一些最深的奧秘 The more we uncove
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第12期:中風導致不能講話 But early the next morning things took a turn for the worse 但次日清晨 傷情就急轉直下 and he had a massive stroke. 并且嚴重中風 This left him with severe brain damage. 這使得他的大腦受到了重創 He was told he'd never talk
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第13期:人腦控制說話的部分 Cases like Steve's 史蒂夫這類案例 offer scientists like Cathy Price 給凱茜普賴斯這類科學家提供了 a unique window into how the brain and language connect together. 一種研究大腦和語言聯系方法的特殊途徑 20 years ag
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第14期:組合語言信息 Hello, Steve, can you hear me? That's great. 史蒂夫 能聽到我說話嗎 很好 To build a complete picture of which parts of the brain 為了構建一幅大腦在我們所有人體內 are involved in language in all of us, 作用于語言的完整
          • 紀錄片《為何講話》 第15期:看圖說話 This one. That's right. 這個 答對了 When I ask him to point to pictures of particular scenes, 當我要求他指出特定情景的圖片時 he could pick out which scene matched the sentence 他能夠挑選出附合描述的圖片 and that's qui
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