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          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第01期 星圖 The most ambitious map in history 史上最宏偉的星圖 is taking shape before our eyes. 將在我們眼前展開 And scientists are heading for the edge. 科學家正駛向宇宙的盡頭 It may be the strangest map you'll ever see. 這可能是你
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第02期 死火山 Nick Risinger is blazing a trail through the American south west. 尼克賴辛格披荊斬棘 奔走于美國西南部 You have to be pretty persistent. 你必須得有頑強的毅力 No stopping. 永不停歇 You've got to keep going. 不斷前進 N
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第03期 裸眼 In the modern world, 在現代社會 few of us have skies dark enough to see the Milky Way. 我們很少有機會能在漆黑的夜空中看見銀河 But Nick plans to show us our home galaxy 但是尼克準備向我們展示 like we've never seen it
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第04期 銀河圖 Some people might be driven crazy 有些人可能會被 by hearing shutters clack all night long. 整晚的快門聲逼瘋 But it's actually music to my ears, 但我卻很愛聽 because it means they're working. 因為這說明它們在工作 By comb
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第05期 天窗 This is like a window to the sky. 這就好像通往星空的天窗 And you can point it in any direction 你可以將它對準任何方向 and be shown exactly what you're looking at. 從中清晰地看到星空的實況 So here, we're looking at th
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第06期 宇宙圖 Anthony Aguirre, 安東尼阿吉雷 from the University of California in Santa Cruz, 來自加利福尼亞大學圣克魯茲分校 is a theoretical cosmologist. 是一名理論宇宙學家 So he's used to thinking big. 所以他習慣運用宏觀思維
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第07期 觀測宇宙 We can only see light. 我們只能看見光 And light moves at a certain speed. 而光在以一定的速度運動 And so, as we look farther and farther away, 所以 我們看得越遠 we're looking farther and farther back in time 看到的事物也就
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第08期 宇宙的一個點 The Milky Way could fit inside 宇宙是銀河系的 10 million million million times. 一千億億倍 Our entire galaxy's just a dot on the landscape. 整個星系只是宇宙中的一個小點 In the observable universe, 在可觀測宇宙中 there
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第09期 星系 And, the further away they are, 距離越遠的星系 the faster they're moving away from us. 遠去的速度就越快 The galaxies aren't like landmarks on normal maps. 這些星系不同于普通地圖上的地標 They don't stand still. 它們并不
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第10期 空間膨脹 You really have to try to imagine 你得設法去想象 that every single point is moving away from every other point. 每一個點都在遠離其他的點 So no point is special. 所以沒有一個位置是特殊的 No matter where you're standing i
          • 紀錄片《宇宙何其大》 第11期 觀測宇宙 It's as if the whole of America 就好像整個美國 was getting bigger and bigger every day. 日益增大 You'd think it would be impossible to keep the map up to date. 你可能會認為地圖永遠趕不上變化 But cosmologists take everything
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