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          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第01期 前言 No creatures have ever dominated the earth like the dinosaurs, 沒有哪種生物能像恐龍那樣統治地球 but the great mystery at the heart of the dinosaur story is how they came to take over the world. 但是恐龍的故事中卻包藏著一個
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第02期 晚侏羅世(1) In Argentina a group of scientists prepare for a major expedition. 在阿根廷,一群科學家正為長途探險做著準備 Their journey will take them back in time to a world that is almost completely unknown to science. 這趟旅程將把他們帶
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第03期 In many ways the late Jurassic is really the golden age of dinosaurs. 從許多方面來講,晚侏羅世都可以算是恐龍的黃金時期 We have a tremendous diversity of different kinds of dinosaurs, meat-eaters and plant-eaters, forms with ar
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第04期 探索中侏羅世 Something turned the primitive dinosaurs of the early Jurassic 因為某些原因,早侏羅世的原始恐龍 into the amazing creatures of the late Jurassic, but what was it? 最終變成了晚侏羅世那些令人稱奇的生物,那么,究竟是
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第05期 尋找化石場 Single bones will not do. 一塊骨骼是沒有用的 This window on the mid-Jurassic would have to contain more than just dinosaurs. 這個中侏羅世窗口必須包含恐龍之外的東西 We need fossils of all the other animals that lived with t
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第06期 恐龍骨骼 Suddenly his Geiger counter sprang into life, 他的蓋格計數器數值突然劇烈跳動 but when he dug down it wasn't a uranium mine he found, but dinosaur bones. 但是他挖出來的并不是鈾礦,而是恐龍骨骼 The surprise wasn't that
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第07期 深入山谷尋找 Finding one dinosaur wasn't enough to unlock the secrets of the mid-Jurassic 找到一只恐龍并不足以解開中侏羅世之謎 and there was no guarantee they would find more, and worse, the site was huge, 他們不能肯定是否還能找到更多
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第08期 恐龍墓地 Within a few more weeks his team had discovered the remains of two big meat-eating dinosaurs 短短幾周內,他的研究小組發現了兩只大型食肉恐龍的遺體 and no fewer than six giant plant-eaters. 和不下于6只大型植食恐龍 T
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第09期 陸地板塊分裂 Because until Argentina scientists had so few facts all they had to go on were their theories, 因為在此之前,科學家們只有很少一些資料能證明他們的假設 but all these theories did have one thing in common: 但是所有這些假設
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第10期 海底生物檔案 Finding out how this event had transformed the dinosaurs had obsessed palaeontologists for years. 這場事件如何改變恐龍,數年來一直困擾著古生物學家 The site in Argentina gave them the chance to test out all their theories. 阿根
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第11期 侏羅紀大滅絕 The rocks here are littered with this abundance of Jurassic sealife, but it doesn't last. 這里的巖石布滿了侏羅紀海洋生物資源,但它并不是連續的 Further up the cliff there's a black layer and here the fossils just disappear. 在
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第12期 火山爆發 It's very hard to imagine just the scale of the volcanism which starts off at this time. 當時的火山爆發規模大到無法想象的地步 It's vastly greater, several orders of magnitude greater, than anything we see on earth today. 它太劇烈了
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第13期 特殊地層 It seemed a perfectly good theory, but the big test was: 這似乎是完美的理論,但關鍵問題是 was there any evidence that it actually had affected the dinosaurs? 是否有證據能證明這場事件真的影響了恐龍 Argentina was the
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第14期 恐龍的進化 When they looked further, there were clear signs that the fish had been killed by a volcanic eruption, 他們繼續搜尋后發現,一些顯著跡象表明這些魚的確死于火山爆發 but then the evidence became more confusing. 可是后來的證
          • 紀錄片《侏羅紀之謎》 第15期 氣候之謎 Judy Parish has devoted her career to studying the climates of the past. Judy Parish一輩子都在研究古氣候 It's sort of like mystery novels, so this is a little bit like a detective story, 這就像是懸疑小說,有點類似于偵探小說的
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