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          • 教你怎么聽1 Lesson1 Unit One Numbers [00:04.70]1.Look at the calendar below.Circle the birthdays that you hear. [00:11.62]In my family there are seven people.My father's birthday is on July 29th. [00:20.06]My mthe's birthday is on November 24th.My older sister's birthda
          • 教你怎么聽1 Lesson2 Unit two Descriptions [00:05.69]Number 1 Listen. [00:10.34]Which person are they describing?Write the correct number. [00:14.52]1.A:I think she looks frightened. [00:19.30]B:Yeah,it looks like she's holding up her hand to protect herself. [00:23.35]A
          • 教你怎么聽1 Lesson3 Unit three Comparison [00:05.04]Number 1 Listen to each item of information.Then listne to the statement that follows. [00:13.27]Circle TRUE or FALSE. [00:17.16]1)John is 15 years old and Bill is 30 years old.So Bill is twice as old as John. [00:25.5
          • 教你怎么聽1 Lesson4 Unit Four Location and direction [00:06.56]Number 1 Listen and write as much infor information in the table as you can. [00:13.35]Bart:Well,Robin,this seems like a really nice school you're -er-working in. [00:19.62]Robin:Mm,I like it,I must say.Yes,
          • 教你怎么聽1 Lesson5 UNIT FIVE Instruction [00:03.42]Number 1 Look at the eight pictures below. [00:08.52]You will hear six people,each one explaining how to use one of these machines. [00:14.68]Write down th name of the machines in the order of the description. [00:19.7
          • 教你怎么聽1 Lesson6 UNIT SIX Like and dislike [00:05.56]Number 1 Listen to the tape and do the following exercises. [00:11.55]A. A: How about sports? What kind of sports do you like? [00:17.06]B: Oh, I like swimming and tennis. How about you? [00:20.22]A: I like tennis
          • 教你怎么聽1 Lesson7 Unit seven Sounds [00:03.29]Number 1 [00:05.64]Listen to each sound an write srown the words associated with the sound. [00:12.02]1.coughing [00:20.58]2.a dog barking [00:30.51]3.a train [00:42.63]4.a car hooter [00:59.40]5.a bicycle [01:06.69]6.wind
          • 教你怎么聽1 Lesson8 UNIT EIGHT INFERENCE [00:05.38]Number 1 Listen to the speakers.What items are they talking about? [00:11.00]Write the number in the circle beside the pictures. [00:15.20]1.It's used for cutting paper. It has two metal blades. [00:21.84]Put your finge
          • 教你怎么聽2 lesson9 Unit 9 Responses [00:04.26]Number 1 Listen and choose the two responses you think would be best. [00:12.33]1 Do you mind if I smoke? [00:14.94]2 Excuse me.Is this seat taken? [00:17.76]3 Could you tell me the right time please? [00:20.58]4 Let me int
          • 教你怎么聽2 Lesson10 Unit ten [00:03.29]Number One [00:05.93]Listen to each conversation. [00:09.38]Put a tick next to the main topic of the conversation. [00:14.00]1. A: So, you're married, uh? [00:18.44]B: Yeah. We got married about six months ago. [00:21.68]A: Really
          • 教你怎么聽2 Lesson11 Unit 11 [00:03.29]Food [00:06.45]Number 1 [00:08.67]Look at the menu [00:11.21]Listen to the people ordering a meal and write down their order. [00:16.56]Write only the number for each dish. [00:20.69]Waitress:Are you,are you ready to order yet? [00:
          • 教你怎么聽2 Lesson12 Unit Twelve [00:03.19]Jobs [00:05.51]1.One the tape,there are four converstaions. [00:11.76]In each one, [00:14.39]a person is talking about and advertisement for a job. [00:18.73]While you listen,fill in notes in the table. [00:23.35]Woman:I've got
          • 教你怎么聽2 Lesson13 Unit Thirteen [00:03.24]FLATS AND HOUSES [00:06.30]1.Look at the drawings of the two flats [00:11.83]and listen to David and Kate talking about them. [00:16.07]Which flat are they talking about each time? [00:21.03]Write down the number of the flat.
          • 教你怎么聽2 Lesson14 Unit fourteen [00:03.19]Telephone [00:05.83]1.You will hear only one side of six conversatios. [00:12.88]Write down what eachh conversation is about. [00:17.01]Celia:Oh, three, one, two ... Yes ... [00:23.25]Oh, Hello! How are you? [00:26.80]Elm, let
          • 教你怎么聽2 Lesson15 Unit Fifteen [00:04.21]shopping [00:06.92]1.Listen to the short dialogue on the tape. [00:12.77]Fill in the missing information. [00:16.51]A Can I have a stamp for this letter, please? [00:21.86]B Where's it to ? [00:23.90]A Switzerland. [00:26.15]B
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