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          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第1期:OG01 Recording 2? 聽力文本 The official Cambridge guide to IELTS, by Pauline Cullen, Amanda French and Vanessa Jakeman, published by Cambridge University Press and University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate, 2014. This recording is copyright. 這是劍橋雅
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第2期:OG01 Recording 3 聽力文本 Recording 3 錄音3 1. I'm not sure, but I think it starts with an F. 1、我不確定,但我想它開頭是F。 2. No, I'm pretty sure it's double L. 2、不,我很確定有兩個L。 3. Is that M for Mary? 3、是瑪麗Mary中的M嗎
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第3期:OG01 Recording 4-5 聽力文本 Recording 4[qh] 錄音4[qh] 1. A: And can I have your name, please?[qh] 1、A:能請你告訴我你的名字嗎?[qh] B: Yes, it's Andrew Browne.[qh] B:好,安德魯布朗。[qh] A: Is that spelt the same as the colour?[qh] A:是和
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第4期:OG01 Recording 6 聽力文本 Recording 6 錄音6 1. A: I hope you've enjoyed your stay with us. 1、A:我希望您在這兒住得愉快。 B: Yes, it was lovely, but I had to pay £95, which seems a bit expensive. Last time I stayed here, I only paid £80. B:是
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第5期:OG02 Recording 7 聽力文本 Recording 7 錄音7 1. We had a good response to our survey and we found that while 80% of our students drink coffee, only 15% drink tea, with the rest preferring water. 1、我們的調查反響很好,我們發現,80%的學生喝咖啡
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第6期:OG02 Recording 8 聽力文本 Recording 8 錄音8 1. A: Good morning. Harrison's Travel Agency, how can I help you? 1、A:早上好。哈里森旅游社,我有什么能幫您嗎? B: Oh, good morning, I'm thinking of going on a skiing trip. Can you tell me about
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第7期:OG02 Recording 9 聽力文本 Recording 9 錄音9 A: This one is a good deal. It costs £150 and airfares are included in that price. Once you land, you still need to get to the ski slopes. It's a two-hour journey. A:這很劃算。只要150英鎊,機票已包含在
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南(MP3+字幕) 第8期:OG02 Recording 10 聽力文本 Recording 10 錄音10 1. What about getting her a new bike? 1、給她買輛新自行車怎么樣? 2. That's right, we arrive on 22nd July. 2、沒錯,我們于7月22日到達。 3. That sounds great. Let's do that. 3、聽起來很棒
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第9期:OG02 Recording 11 聽力文本 Recording 11 錄音11 Listening Section 1 聽力部分1 A: Hi Sam, we'd better start planning the party, it's in less than two weeks, isn't it? A:山姆,你好,我們最好開始計劃這場派對了,還有不到兩周時間,不是
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第10期:OG03 Recording 12 聽力文本 Recording 12 錄音12 A: Hi, I'm interested in buying a ticket for the Small Business Expo next week, but I'm not sure it will be useful for me. A:你好,我想買一張去下周的小型企業博覽會的票,但我不確定這對我
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第11期:OG03 Recording 13 聽力文本 Recording 13 錄音13 1. A: Right, so, you need to book some flights, is that right? B: Yes, for me and my family. We're going to Scotland for my sister's wedding. 1、A:好,那么你是需要預定航班,對吧?B:對,我和我
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第12期:OG03 Recording 14 聽力文本 Recording 14[qh] 錄音14[qh] 1. A: We really need to organise our trip, you know.[qh] 1、A:我們真的需要組織一下我們的旅程。[qh] B: I know, I was thinking the same. We need to arrange accommodation and flights.[qh] B:我
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第13期:OG03 Recording 15 聽力文本 Recording 15 錄音15 In today's show I'm going to be looking at what's new in technology this week. 今天的展示上,我將展示這周科技方面的新進展。 And I'd like to start by looking at the much-awaited 0P56 mobile phon
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第14期:OG03 Recording 16 聽力文本 Recording 16 錄音16 1. A: Excuse me, can you tell me where the gift shop is? 1、A:不好意思,你能告訴我禮品店在哪里嗎? B: Yes, you need to go into the shopping centre, the entrance is over there on your left. B:當
          • 劍橋雅思報考指南 第15期:OG04 Recording 17 聽力文本 Recording 17 錄音17 A: Can you tell me how to get to the supermarket? B: Sure, let me have a think. We're in Bridge Street now and it's in Queens Road. A:你能告訴我怎么去超市嗎?B:當然,讓我想想。我們現在在大
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