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          • 《凱莉日記》第1期:不能沒有你,媽媽 Carrie. Youre the older one,. You cant take the bait. 凱莉,你是姐姐,讓著點 I have teeth marks on my arm. 我的手臂上還有她的牙印。 I know that Dorrit can be difficult. But... Your mom would want you two to get along. 我知道多
          • 《凱莉日記》第2期: 失去媽媽的我,不可憐 Uh,not that dress. 別選那條裙子 She wore it on her last birthday. You could spill something on it or rip it, you know? 這是她最后一次生日穿的.你可能會把湯潑上去或者撕破它 Really? 真的給我嗎? Yeah.Just...try not t
          • 《凱莉日記》第3期:新來的校草,特酷 I'd be a lot better if I didn't feel like everyone was staring at me. 要是大家不盯著我看 感覺會更好 Please. No one is even looking at you. 得了吧 根本沒人看你 Believe it or not, I think Mags actually meant that as a compliment.
          • 《凱莉日記》第4期:沒媽媽的日子不好過 You stole my hiding place. 你占用了我的秘密花園 You hang out here a lot? 你經常來這里嗎 Yeah. Yeah, it's a pretty good escape. 是啊 這是個躲清凈的好地方 You had a lot to get away from. 你有很多事要逃避 If only I c
          • 《凱莉日記》第5期: 曼哈頓?不是吧? Thanks for keeping an eye on her. 謝謝你替我看著她 Of course, Mr. Bradshaw. 沒事 布萊肖先生 I better head back in. 我最好回去了 Oh. I'll call you later. - Okay.Bye. 我之后再打給你 -好的 拜 I'm taking you home. 我帶你回
          • 《凱莉日記》第6期: 凱莉, 準備好了嗎? It's covered in nail polish. 沾上指甲油了 Oh--oh, my god. 天啊 It's ruined. Why did you do that? 沒法用了 你為什么要這么做 I didn't mean to. The bottle must have broke. 我不是故意的 肯定是瓶子壞了 You wanted to destro
          • 《凱莉日記》第7期: 這是我曼哈頓愛情故事的起點 Manhattan was a lot like my purse-- Damaged, and it had seen better days. But I wouldn't have traded that purse for this moment for anything. 曼哈頓和我的包很像 傷痕累累 今非昔比 但現在的包我千金不換 Is this it? 到了嗎 Y
          • 《凱莉日記》第8期: 改變自己的身份 And you get a half-hour for lunch. And may I suggest you go get yourself a pair of stockings during that time? 你有半小時的午餐時間 我建議你利用那段時間 買一雙新絲襪 Of course. I-I fell, and they ripped, and where would I--
          • 《凱莉日記》第9期: 說曹操曹操到 Oh, it's early. The night's just beginning. 這么早 夜晚才剛剛開始 No, I-I, um, have a thing at my dad's in the morning. I gotta go. 不了 我回我爸家早上還有事 我得走了 Okay. 好吧 Maybe it was the champagne or the dancing or
          • 《凱莉日記》第10期: 擔起你媽媽的責任 Kiddo. 姑娘 I'm--I'm sorry. 對不起 Don't be. You know... I saw a lot of your mother in you today. 沒必要 要知道 今天我在你身上看到了你媽的影子 Because I lost it? 因為我發脾氣嗎 When you were little, and you'd do somet
          • 《凱莉日記》第11期: 沒有什么能阻止我 Figuring out who I was and finding my voice wasn't going to be easy, 尋找自我 給自己定調并不容易 But I was pretty sure it was going to be a lot of fun. 但我非常確定 這個過程會很有趣 They say that the eyes are the window to
          • 《凱莉日記》第12期:麻煩總是找到我 My grounding had been frustrating... and surprisingly fun for me and Dorrit. 我被禁足很讓人不爽 但我和多莉特意外地相處愉快 I'm gonna kill you! Only if you can catch me! 我要殺了你 只要你能抓到我 No! Bull's-eye! Now y
          • 《凱莉日記》第13期: 終于說實話了 In two weeks, my purse will be in Interview Magazine. 兩周內 我的手提包就會上《訪談》雜志 You're gonna be famous. 你會一夜成名的 Well, my bag will be. 我的包包會 You still wanna hang with me when your bag's so important? 你
          • 《凱莉日記》第14期: 他如果是真心的 他會等的 It's because of Carrie? 是因為凱莉嗎 Apparently, enough happened that she's all snuggled up in your clothes. 顯然 她都依偎在你的外套里 發生的夠多了 I mean, it was cold out. 當時外面很冷 Were you playing night golf? 你們在
          • 《凱莉日記》第15期: 她迷人的曼哈頓就會消失于我的生命 All of these documents need to be collated, and then bound in binders. There should be 60 of them. And I need it by end of business today. Okay. 整理這些文件 裝訂起來 應該是60份 下班之前給我 -好的 Some woman with a hoity-toity a
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