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          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 01添加文本 Revision Lesson 1 New Maths Sandy: We've started New Maths this year. Our teacher set us some homework, but I can't understand this problem. Father: Let me see it, Sandy. That looks easy enough to do. It's so easy even a child can do it. Sandy: Well,
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 03 Revision Lesson 3 Gretel Gretel comes from Austria. She is eighteen years old. She is going to stay with the Clark family for a year. Gretel has come to England because she wants to improve her English. She works as an au pair girl. She helps Mrs Cla
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 05 Revision Lesson 5 Television Day: Pompeii This is the city of Pompeii. It is 13 miles south of Naples in Italy. You can see a few tourists in the streets. You can see the volcano, Vesuvius, in the background. It all looks very peaceful. Yet nearly 20
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 07 Lesson 7 Large is small Salesman:Goog morning ,medam. Mother: Good morning. Salesman:I've got a new brand of toothpaste here.I'm sure you'll like it. Mother: No thank you . Salesman:I didn't say you have to pay for it ,madam. It's free! I hope you'll
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 09 Revision Lesson 9 A ride on a double-decker Yesterday it was Gretel's afternoon off. You needn't stay indoors, Gretel, Mrs Clark said. You like paintings. Why don't you go to the Tate Gallery? There's a famous collection of modern paintings there. Ho
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 11 The American colonists often quarrelled with the British Govemment.They had to buy British goods and they had to pay taxes to Britain.In 1767 Britain put customs duty on many goods ,such as tea.The Government should have known this would cause troubl
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 13 13 Getting better! Mr Blake and his family went on an excursion yesterday. They all travelled by car. Mrs Blake sat next to her husband. The children, Alan ,Wendy and Timmy, sat in the back. Timmy,the youngest, kept asking questions. While they were
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 15 15 Gretel writes a letter home Dear Mummy and Daddy, I'm sending you the photos you asked for. First you'll find a photo of the house I'm staying at. It's a very typical English house. You don't see many blocks of flats in England. The English prefer
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 17 17 Television Day: Computers TV Commentary: ... the astronauts are returning to earth at exactly 5.24. Splash-down will be in the Pacific, 427 miles west of Hawaii. You have often heard announcements like this on television. Scientists can tell us ex
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 19 19 Something to look forward to Father: I'm so glad it's the end of the week. I'm looking forward to a nice week-end. Sue: What'll you be doing this time tomorrow, Gretel? Gretel: I may be going to the theatre. I'm not sure. Sue: That'll be fun. Sue:
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 21 21 A meal at a self-service restaurant Gretel had lunch at a self-service restaurant yesterday. She collected a tray and joined a queue. (People queue patiently in England!) There was plenty of food on display. There was some steak, but Gretel didn't
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 23 23 Television Day: Right or left? Which of your two hands do you use most? Very few of us can use both of our hands equally well. Most of us are right-handed. Only about five people out of a hundred are left-handed. New-born babies can grasp objects
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 25 Lesson 25 Father and Gorgons Narrator:Both Sandy and Sue want to watch Top of the Pop on television. Father doesn't want to watch it. He hates pop music. Father:Which programme do you all want to watch? Sue:I want to waich Top of the Pops. Sandy:So d
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 27 27 Gunpowder, treason and plot Most countries have a special national day on which they have displays of fireworks. In England, the special day is November 5th. Sandy and Sue not only bought a lot of fireworks, but built a big bonfire in the garden a
          • 朗文3L看聽學英語第四冊 Lesson 29 29 Television Day: Life on the sea-shore Today our TV cameras visit a rocky sea-shore. The tide is out at the moment. You can see the sea-bed and there are tiny rock-pools everywhere. With its crabs, shrimps, fish and shell-fish, a rock-pool is a bus
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