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          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第一天 The first day Time to get up. Are you up yet? Wake up! Come on,sleepy head. I'm already awake,is it time to get up? Practice: Listen and repeat. I over slept. I can sleep in tomorrow. I am still sleepy. I am awake. Wake up! Get up! Are you asleep? A
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第二天 practice listen and repeat I need to wash my face. I need to brush my teeth . I am shaving. I just want to wash my face. you need to wash your face. you need to brush your teeth. practice listen and repeat I left the bathtub running I will run you t
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第三天 practice listen and repeat I am just getting dressed. I am almost ready. Are you dressed yet? Does this shirt match this skirt ? Do these shoes go with this dress? Just about. I'm almost ready. I get stuck. Have you seen my tie? I can't find my blue
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第四天 practice listen and repeat what do you want for breakfast? what's for breakfast? how about toast? i 'll skip breakfast. do you want me to make some coffee? prectice listen and repeat let's have left over pizza for breakfast. how about toast? i think
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第五天 practice listen and repeat i'm off to work. i'm going now. i'll be home late. see you tonight. when will you be back tonight? practice listen and repeat i'll off to work. i'm going now. i'm taking off . i'll be home late. will you be home for lunch?
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第六天 Practice: listen and repeat Whats for lunch? Im starving. Do you want to go to lunch? Lets go to lunch. Ive got to eat quickly today. Ill buy you lunch. Lets go to lunch, my treat. Im starving. Whats for lunch? Im in the mood for French. Order. Are
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第七天 Practice: listen and repeat I'm home. I'm back. How was your day? How did the meeting go? You look tired. I'm home. I'm back. How was your day? How did the meeting go? How was the test? Is that you, John? Yeah, it's me. Dialogue: -Is that you, John?
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第八天 第8天 吃晚餐 dinner is almost ready what's for dinner what are we haven it's smells good it's time to eat dinner was great what's for dinner what are we haven i am starving i am full may i have seconds does anyone want seconds dinner was good can
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第九天 第9天,聽電話 Mary ,telephone could somebody get the phone i'll get it is Mary there? may i take a message? can i call you later? i'll get it can i take a message? may i take a message? is Mary there? is Mary in?? can i call you later? can you hold?
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第十天 Practice: listen and repeat Is there anything good on tonight? What are you watching? There's nothing good on tonight. What else is on? Is it all right if I change the channel? Why do you always watch reruns? What's on tonight? Is there anything on
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第十一天 Practice:listen and repeat Did we get todays paper? Have you read the paper yet today? Ive already read the paper today. Are you finished with the sports section? Youve got to read the Comex. Ive done. Ive done with the sports section. Im going to
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第十二天 Practice: listen and repeat Whos it? Is me, Jenny Is some one at the door? Can somebody get the door? Ill get it. Practice: listen and repeat Who is it? Is me, Jenny Ill get it Is Jon home? What brings you here? Dialog: Who is it? Its me, jenny Oh,
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第十三天 Practice: listen and repeat I need to change into my pjs Im need to get ready for bed I have to take my make up off I still need to take a shower Its about time to get ready for bed Practice: listen and repeat Im going to take a bath Im going to tak
          • 2周超開竅生活英語-第十四天 practise listen and repeat time for bed are you ready for bed? i am going to bed i am turning in come on,let's go to bed don't stay up to late good night sweet dreams pleasant dreams i am going to bed i am going to hit the sack i am going to turning
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