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          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第1期:棕熊造成阿拉斯加大火 Bear responsible for the Alaska wildfire 棕熊造成阿拉斯加大火 (Alaska,Reuters)Brown bears pawing through garbage at a landfill in Alaska touched off a four-acres wildfire,officials reported. (路透社阿拉斯加電)根據官方報道
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第2期:鹿只死于狂牛癥 Deer dying from mad cow disease 鹿只死于狂牛癥 (BBC News)The deer population of America is being struck down by a version of mad cow disease. (英國國家廣播公司報道)美國的鹿群正受到一種狂牛癥的襲擊而生病或死亡。
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第3期:海豚 (BBC; News) A new study suggests dolphins are more intelligent than we thought and a great deal more vain. (英國國家廣播公司報道)一份新的研究顯示,海豚比我們想的更聰明,而且也更愛虛榮。 When given the chance,
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第4期:澳洲小企鵝 (REUTERS)one thousand of Australia's fairy penguins are ready for winter and oil spills. (路透社電)一千只澳洲小企鵝已經有萬全準備,可以抵御寒冬與油輪漏油的威脅。 One thousand tiny woolen sweaters were specially
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第5期:巨蟒口中逃生 (KUALA LUMPUR,AP) An old woman narrowly escaped a python that attacked her in her bathroom. (美聯社吉隆坡電)一名老婦人在浴室受到一條巨蟒的攻擊,老婦人僥幸逃脫。 The snake bit her lower leg and tried to pull her
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第6期:小心殺人貍! (HELSINKI,Reuters)A Finnish man survived an attack by a beaver. (路透社赫爾辛基電)一名芬蘭男子僥幸逃過一只海貍的攻擊。 It had tried to bite his neck. 這只海貍試圖咬他的脖子。 Experts say it is rare for beav
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第7期:頑猴兒惹毛居民 (COLOMBO,Reuters)A sex-crazed male monkey has caused an uproar in a town in central Sri Lanka. (路透社科倫坡電)一只性致勃勃的公猴子大鬧斯里蘭卡中部的一個小鎮。 It stole chocolate,which is an aphrodisiac. 這只猴
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第8期:老象是象群生存的關鍵 (BBC News)Researchers in England and Kenya have found that older elephants help a herd to survive. (英國國家廣播公司報道)英國與肯尼亞的研究人員發現,老象對象群的生存有幫助。 The older elephant's memories were f
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第9期:警方搜尋殺人“熊”手 (TORONTO, Reuters)An 18-year-old man was killed by a black bear at a Northwest Territories campground. (路透社多倫多電)一名十八歲的青年在加拿大西北領地的營地被黑熊殺害。 Yellowknife resident Kyle Harry was chased a
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第10期:西伯利亞虎危在旦夕 (BBC News) Siberia has had a biting cold winter with temperatures dropping to minus 60 degrees Celsius. (英國國家廣播公司報道)西伯利亞今年寒冬刺骨,氣溫降至攝氏零下六十度。 One of the casualnes has been the rare S
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第11期:嗜吃甜食的熊賊 (TORONTO,Reuters) A 400-pound black bear with a sweet tooth is on the wanted list in rural Ontario for stealing cakes and doughnuts. (路透社多倫多電)一只重達四百磅、嗜吃甜食的黑熊目前上了安大略省鄉間的通緝要犯
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第12期:逃脫的老虎被射殺 (MC)SCOW,Reuters) A rare Siberian tiger was shot dead by police in central Russia after it escaped from a zoo and attacked a keeper. (路透社莫斯科電)一只罕見的西伯利亞虎從動物園逃脫,在攻擊一名動物園的飼養人員
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第13期:考古學家發現古幣 (DAMASCUS,Syria,AP)Hundreds of silver coins dating to the seventh century have been unearthed in Palmyra, a town known for its Roman-era ruins. (美聯社敘利亞大馬士革電)數百枚七世紀的銀幣在帕米拉這個以蘊藏羅馬時期
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第14期:早期人類將稀有物種獵捕殆盡 (San Francisco,AP)Prehistoric human hunters,using spears and fire, drove many large animals to extinction. (美聯社舊金山電)史前時期的獵人使用矛與火獵捕許多大型動物,迫使它們絕種。 About 13,000 years ago, large
          • 賴世雄英語新聞聽力通 第15期:二戰時期的的潛艇被發現 (NEW ORLEANS,AP) The find of the wreckage of a sunken World War II German submarine may rewrite a bit of wartime history. (美聯社新奧爾良電)一艘在二次世界大戰期間沉沒的德國潛艇遺骸被發現,這可能會稍稍改寫戰
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