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          • 《迷失》精講 01 Stay away from the gas!Stay there! 離機油遠點兒 在那別動 Help! Help! Help! Help! Help, help! Oh, my legs! 救命 救命 救命啊 救命 救命 我的腿 Hey, get over here.Give me a hand. 過來 幫我一下 You, come on! Come over here! G
          • 《迷失》精講 02 Excuse me. 不好意思 Did you ever use a needle? What? 你用過針嗎 什么 Did you ever patch a pair of jeans? 你縫過牛仔褲嗎 I, uh...I made the drapes in my apartment. 我...我在家做過窗簾 That's fantastic. Listen...Do you have a
          • 《迷失》精講 03 I might throw up on you. 我可能會吐你一身 You're doing fine. 你干的不錯 You don't seem afraid at all. 你看起來一點兒也不害怕 I don't understand that. 我不明白 Well, fear's sort of an odd thing. 恐懼算是一件怪異的事
          • 《迷失》精講 04 As if I'm gonna start eating chocolate. 真以為我會吃巧克力嗎 Shannon, we may be here for a while. Shannon 我們可能要留在這一段時間了 The plane ha a black box, iiot. 飛機有黑匣子 白癡 They know exactly where we are, they
          • 《迷失》精講 05 We must've been at about 40,000 feet when it happened. 事發當時我們一定在四萬英尺高空 We hit an air pocket and dropped...maybe 200 feet. 撞到了一個氣阱 然后下落了大概...二百英尺 The turbulence was...I blacked out. 紊流
          • 《迷失》精講 06 So, how's the drink? 酒怎么樣 It's good. 不錯 That wasn't a very strong reaction. 反應不強烈呀 Well, it's not a very strong drink. 度數不夠高 Just don't tell anyone. 不要告訴別人 This, of course, breaks some critical FAA regula
          • 《迷失》精講 07 Whatever it was, it wasn't natural. 無論那是什么 都不是自然界的 Does anyone have any sunblock? 誰有防曬霜嗎 Yes I do. 恩 我這有 So I was just looking inside the fuselage. It's pretty grim in there. 我剛看了機艙里面 挺可
          • 《迷失》精講 08 Can I ask you something? 能問你些事嗎 Me? I'd be thrilled. I've been waiting. 問我嗎 榮幸至致 一直等著呢 Have we ever met anywhere? 我們見過面嗎 No. That would be unlikely. 沒有 不太可能 I look familiar though, right? 可看
          • 《迷失》精講 09 Hey, can you hear me? I need that water. 聽到我說話了嗎 把水拿來 Here. Here you go. 給 How many survived? 多少生還者 At least 48. Does anything feel broken? 至少48人 身上地方骨折嗎 No, no. Just my head's a little dizzy, tha
          • 《迷失》精講 10 Kate! Where's Jack? Kate! Jack人呢 I don't know. 不知道 Did you see him? 你看到他了嗎? He pulled me up. 恩 他拉我起來的 Where is he? 他人呢 I don't know! 不知道 How can you not know? 你怎么會不知道 We got separated! I f
          • 《迷失》精講 11 Hey. We're going through some clothes. Sorting them. 我在檢查衣服 整理一下 I see you found your bag. 我看能否找到你的箱子 Come on, you wanna give us a hand? 來吧 想幫我一下嗎 Not really. 不太想 You're wasting your time.
          • 《迷失》精講 12 Hey, guys, come on. 伙計們 別打了 Hey! Break it up! Break it up! Get off! 停手吧 停手 算了 Break up! That's it! It's over! That's it! 停手 夠了 別打了 夠了 I'm sick of this redneck! 我煩死這鄉巴佬了 Want some more? 還要來
          • 《迷失》精講 13 You guys found the cockpit? Any survivors? No. 你們找到了駕駛艙嗎 有幸存者嗎 沒有 Dual-band. Military spec. 是雙帶 軍用規格的 Chances are the battery is good, but the radio is dead. 現在的情況是還有電池 但無線電壞
          • 《迷失》精講 14 Is it working? 好用了嗎 It seems to be, except we're not picking up a signal. 看來行了 就差找到信號了 Why do we need to pick up a signal? Aren't we trying to send one? 為什么要找信號呢 我們不是要發射信號嗎 Yes, but wh
          • 《迷失》精講 15 The comic's in Spanish.You...read Spanish? 是西班牙語漫畫 你懂西班牙語... No. Ifound it. 不懂 我找到的 Tell you what, weget home...l'll get you another dog. 告訴你吧 我們回家后 我再給你弄一條狗... Ineedyourhelp. 要你
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