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          英語(yǔ)?英語(yǔ) 日語(yǔ)?日語(yǔ) 韓語(yǔ)?韓語(yǔ) 法語(yǔ)?法語(yǔ) 德語(yǔ)?德語(yǔ) 西班牙語(yǔ)?西班牙語(yǔ) 意大利語(yǔ)?意大利語(yǔ) 阿拉伯語(yǔ)?阿拉伯語(yǔ) 葡萄牙語(yǔ)?葡萄牙語(yǔ) 越南語(yǔ)?越南語(yǔ) 俄語(yǔ)?俄語(yǔ) 芬蘭語(yǔ)?芬蘭語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?泰語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?丹麥語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?對外漢語(yǔ)
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           新概念英語(yǔ)(New Concept English),是英國路易·亞歷山大(Louis G.Alexander)1967年專(zhuān)為非本族的中學(xué)和成年學(xué)習者編寫(xiě)的一套英語(yǔ)課本。全套共四冊:新概念英語(yǔ)第一冊《英語(yǔ)初階》(First Things First),新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊《實(shí)踐與進(jìn)步》(Practice and Progress),新概念英語(yǔ)第三冊(培養技能)(Developing Skills),新概念英語(yǔ)第四冊《熟練掌握英語(yǔ)》(Fluency in English)。四冊科學(xué)地融合了聽(tīng)、說(shuō)、讀、寫(xiě)、譯五方面的技能,從初級、預備中級、中級,直到高級,由淺入深,前后互相銜接。    點(diǎn)擊進(jìn)入跟版主一起學(xué)習新概念  新概念英語(yǔ)專(zhuān)題視頻講座    新概念英語(yǔ)85年上外美音版     新概念英語(yǔ)默寫(xiě)本   裕興新概念第二冊MP3教程    新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊單詞背誦  新概念第二冊聽(tīng)力MP3下載




          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊 lesson 1 A private conversation Lesson 1 A private conversation 課文內容: Last week I went to the theatre. I had a very good seat. The play was very interesting. I did not enjoy it. A young man and a young woman were sitting behind me. They were talking loudly. I got very angr
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊 lesson 2 Breakfast or lunch? Lesson 2 Breakfast or lunch? 早餐還是午餐? 課文內容: It was Sunday. I never get up early on Sundays. I sometimes stay in bed until lunchtime. Last Sunday I got up very late. I looked out of the window. It was dark outside. What a day! I
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊 lesson 3 Please send me a card Lesson 3 Please send me a card 課文內容: Postcards always spoil my holidays. Last summer, I went to Italy. I visited museums and sat in public gardens. A friendly waiter taught me a few words of Italian. Then he lent me a book. I read a few line
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊 lesson 4 An exciting trip Lesson 4 An exciting trip 激動(dòng)人心的旅行 課文內容: I have just received a letter from my brother, Tim. He is in Australia. He has been there for six months. Tim is an engineer. He is working for a big firm and he has already visited a gre
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊 lesson 5 No wrong number Lesson 5 No wrong number 無(wú)號碼錯誤之虞 課文內容: Mr. James Scott has a garage in Silbury and now he has just bought another garage in Pinhurst. Pinhurst is only five miles from Silbury, but Mr. Scott cannot get a telephone for his new ga
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊 lesson 6 Percy Buttons I have just moved to a house in Bridge Street. Yesterday a beggar knocked at my door. He asked me for a meal and a glass of beer. In return for this, the beggar stood on his head and sang songs. I gave him a meal. He ate the food and drank the beer.
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)2 lesson 7 Too late Lesson 7 Too late 為時(shí)太晚 課文內容: The plane was late and detectives were waiting at the airport all morning. They were expecting a valuable parcel of diamonds from South Africa. A few hours earlier, someone had told the police that thieve
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)2 lesson 8 The best and the worst Joe Sanders has the most beautiful garden in our town. Nearly everybody enters for 'The Nicest Garden Competition' each year, but Joe wins every time. Bill Frith's garden is larger than Joe's. Bill works harder than Joe and grows more flowers and ve
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊 lesson 9 A cold welcome Lesson 9A cold welcome 課文內容: On Wednesday evening, we went to the Town Hall. It was the last day of the year and a large crowd of people had gathered under the Town Hall clock. It would strike twelve in twenty minutes' time. Fifteen minutes
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊 lesson 10 Not For Jazz Lesson 10Not For Jazz 課文內容: Not For Jazz We have an old musical instrument. It is called a clavichord. It was made in Germany in 1681. Our clavichord is kept in the living-room. It has belonged to our family for a long time. The instrument w
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊lesson 11 One good turn deserves anot Lesson 11One good turn deserves another 課文內容 I was having dinner at a restaurant whenHarry Steele came in. Harry worked in a lawyer's office years ago, but he is now working at a bank. He gets a good salary, but he always borrows money from hi
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊 lesson 12 Goodbye and good luck Lesson 12Goodbye and good luck 課文內容 Our ncighbour, Captain Charles Alison, will sail from Portsmouth tomorrow. We shall meet him at the harbour early in the morning. He will be in his small boat, Topsail.Tapsail is a famous little boat. It has
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊lesson 13 The Greenwood Boys Lesson 13The Greenwood Boys 課文內容 The Greenwood Boys are a group of popular singers. At present, they are visiting all parts of the country. They will be arriving here tomorrow. They will be coming by train and most of the young people in the t
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊lesson 14 Do you speak English? Lesson 14Do you speak English? 課文內容 I had an amusing experience last year. After I had left a small village in the south of France, I drove on to the next town. On the way, a young man waved to me. I stopped and he asked me for a lift. As soon
          • 新概念英語(yǔ)第二冊lesson 15 Good news The secretary told me that Mr Harms worth would see me. I felt very nervous when. I went into his office. He did not look up from his desk when I entered. After I had sat down, he said that business was very bad. He told me that the firm could not a
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