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          • 《你好布拉德》精講01 布拉德失眠 The night before we left, I couldn't sleep. 出發前的那一宿 我怎么都睡不著 I couldn't stop thinking about Chris Kanew, 翻來覆去想著克里斯肯尼 and how he quit, 想他辭職的事 and all the things he said. 想他辭職時候說的
          • 《你好布拉德》精講02 有出息的大學同學 I felt like the world was rubbing my nose in something. 我感覺這個世界在針對我 So many friends from college have become successful. 大學同學一個比一個有出息 Nick Pascale was a big movie director in Hollywood, 尼克帕斯卡成了
          • 《你好布拉德》精講03 討論父母的房子 It's stupid to compare lives. 雖然說跟人攀比很沒意思 But when I do, 但是每次一比 I feel somehow I failed. 我就感覺我有點失敗 And over time, these feelings get worse. 而且越比 感覺越失敗 Brad. Shit. 布拉德 哎呦
          • 《你好布拉德》精講04 塵埃落定了 Look, I'm gonna be so distraught when my parents die, 我爸媽去世了我傷心都來不及 I'm not gonna give a fuck about the money. 哪還有心思管這種破事 Really? 真的啊 Not at all? 一點也不想嗎 Think you will. 我覺得你會的
          • 《你好布拉德》精講05 談話結束 We're not poor, Brad. 我們又不窮 布拉德 In some circles, yeah. 在某些圈子里 是不窮 Oh, what circles? The one percent? 你想進什么圈子 千里挑一嗎 We have a great life. 咱們過得挺好的 Go to sleep. 快睡吧 Do you thi
          • 《你好布拉德》精講06 布拉德與兒子 You have ten minutes. 給你十分鐘時間 Uh, yeah, I'm ready. I just got to put on my clothes. 我這都弄好了 穿個衣服就行 Can you give me a second? 你能讓我待會嗎 Yeah. 哦 You have, like, the body of a man now. 我說你 體格像
          • 《你好布拉德》精講07 平庸的生活 You have all the hotel information, right? 酒店的資料你都拿到了吧 Yeah, Mom. It's on my phone. 拿到了 媽 都在我手機上 Would you forward it to your dad? 能發給你爸嗎 I don't think he has any sense of the schedule. Do you, Br
          • 《你好布拉德》精講08 機場送行 This is not where I thought I'd be. 我覺得我不屬于這里 It's not the life I imagined. 這也不是我想要的生活 Oh, honey, this is gonna be so cool. 兒子 這次肯定會一切順利 This is great. 多好啊 Mom, I think I'm just gonna
          • 《你好布拉德》精講09 登機遭排斥 Economy entrance is that line. 經濟艙入口排那邊 But, uh, I have a, uh, Silver Flyer card. 等等 我這有 啊 銀牌會員卡 It's Gold and Platinum only. 金卡和白金卡才能過 Next, please. 下一位 Enjoy your flight. 旅途愉快 Yo
          • 《你好布拉德》精講10 辦理升艙手續 Oh! Good news. There are two seats available in business. 啊 很幸運 商務艙還有兩個空座 Can I see your tickets, please? 票給我看下可以嗎 Awesome. 太棒了 Yeah. Thank you. 好的 謝謝 Yeah. I was hoping to put it on my miles. 可
          • 《你好布拉德》精講11 升艙失敗 Mr. Sloan, actually... 斯洛恩先生對吧 ...unfortunately, we can't upgrade you. 實在抱歉 這升艙辦不了 I'm sorry. 您見諒 What? Why not? 為什么啊 Seems as though you bought those tickets on a discounted website, 你這票是從低價
          • 《你好布拉德》精講12 扔不扔卡 Sorry I couldn't get us the upgrade. 抱歉沒辦成升艙 It's not a big deal. 沒事的 Silver Flyer card. 銀牌會員... Means nothing. 有屁用啊 Gets you nothing at all. 一點好處都不給 Well, then get rid of it. 那就別用它了 Yeah,
          • 《你好布拉德》精講13 幻想中的富人生活 And now Jason Hatfield has his own private plane. 杰森哈特菲爾德現在又有了私人飛機 Never has to fly commercial at all. 機票都不用買了 Nick Pascale probably flies private, too. 尼克帕斯卡八成也是專機接送 Must be nic
          • 《你好布拉德》精講14 回憶大學生活 Dad, can I get some Pringles? They're seven dollars. 爸 我能吃點薯片嗎 要七塊錢 Yeah. I need your credit card. 吃吧 你信用卡給我一下 There are 45 minutes left on the flight. 飛機將在45分鐘后著陸 Keep your seat belt fast
          • 《你好布拉德》精講15 對比老婆 My thoughts turned to Melanie. 我又想到梅勒妮 It's unbelievable. 開玩笑 It's fucked up. 全亂套了 They've got kids... little elementary school kids... 他們還有孩子 小孩 還沒上小學 doing these massshooting drills in their sch
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