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          • 窮爸爸富爸爸RichDad,PoorDad第1課 LESSON 1 I had two fathers, a rich one and a poor one. One was highly educated and intelligent; he had a Ph.D. and completed four years of undergraduate work in less than two years.The other father never finished the eighth grade. Both men were successful in
          • 窮爸爸富爸爸RichDad,PoorDad 第2課 I often look ahead to the new millennium and wonder what will happen when we have millions of people who will need financial and medical assistance. They will be dependent on their families or the government for financial support. What will happen wh
          • 窮爸爸富爸爸 RichDad,PoorDad 第3課 Dad, Can You Tell Me How to Get Rich? My dad put down the evening paper. Why do you want to get rich, son? Because today Jimmy's mom drove up in their new Cadillac, and they were going to their beach house for the weekend. He took three of his frien
          • 窮爸爸富爸爸 RichDad,PoorDad 第4課 At 7:30 Saturday morning, I caught the bus to the poor side of town. Mike and I met with his dad that morning at 8 o'clock. He was already busy and had been at work for more than an hour. His construction supervisor was just leaving in his pickup tr
          • 窮爸爸富爸爸RichDad,PoorDad 第5課 I was ready to face him and I was prepared. Even my real dad was angry with him. My real dad, the one I call the poor one, thought that my rich dad was violating child labor laws and should be investigated. My educated dad told me to demand what I de
          • 窮爸爸富爸爸RichDad,PoorDad 第6課 On that bright Saturday morning, I was learning a completely different point of view from what I had been taught by my poor dad. At the age of 9, I grew aware that both dads wanted me to learn. Both dads encouraged me to study... but not the same thi
          • 窮爸爸富爸爸RichDad,PoorDad 第7課 I didn't tell my poor dad I wasn't being paid. He would not have understood, and I did not want to try to explain something that I did not yet understand myself. For three more weeks, Mike and I worked for three hours, every Saturday, for nothing. Th
          • 窮爸爸富爸爸RichDad,PoorDad 第8課 The pieces of the puzzle were appearing. My highly educated dad had a great education and a great career. But school never told him how to handle money or his fears. It became clear that I could learn different and important things from two fathers.
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