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          英語(yǔ)?英語(yǔ) 日語(yǔ)?日語(yǔ) 韓語(yǔ)?韓語(yǔ) 法語(yǔ)?法語(yǔ) 德語(yǔ)?德語(yǔ) 西班牙語(yǔ)?西班牙語(yǔ) 意大利語(yǔ)?意大利語(yǔ) 阿拉伯語(yǔ)?阿拉伯語(yǔ) 葡萄牙語(yǔ)?葡萄牙語(yǔ) 越南語(yǔ)?越南語(yǔ) 俄語(yǔ)?俄語(yǔ) 芬蘭語(yǔ)?芬蘭語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?泰語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?丹麥語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?對外漢語(yǔ)
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          Step by Step2000

                 初版《英語(yǔ)聽(tīng)力入門(mén)》(Step by Step)在走過(guò)十五個(gè)春秋之后,正式向大家告別了。

                 《聽(tīng)力入門(mén)2000》是《英語(yǔ)聽(tīng)力入門(mén)》(Step by Step)的延伸。它仍遵循內容與聽(tīng)力技巧并重的原則,注重選材料的語(yǔ)言真實(shí)度和典型性,把重點(diǎn)始終放在發(fā)展學(xué)生的聽(tīng)力理解能力和思維能力等方面。
                 《聽(tīng)力入門(mén)2000》更是《英語(yǔ)聽(tīng)力入門(mén)》(Step by Step)的超越。它采用全新的聽(tīng)力素材,且更注意四冊教材中主題布局的整體性。


          step by step3000

          step by step2000教師用書(shū)

          <英語(yǔ)聽(tīng)力入門(mén)>(Step by Step)

          • Step by Step2000 第一冊 Unit 1 happy new millennium Unit 1 happy new millennium Part 1 warming up Key words: 1.chime 2.millennium 3.prospective 4.gala 5.countdown 6.fanfare The world had entered the 21st century.Here are some brief reports of Happy New Millennium celabrations.Now listen and enjoy.Supp
          • StepbyStep2000 第一冊 Unit 2 net changes Unit 2 net changes life Part one warming up A 、key words: email message addresses ? Queen Elizabeth the Second ? e-mail accounts ? Vocabulary: crash coordinate account ? main You are going to hear some important days in e-mai history. Supply the mi
          • StepbyStep2000 第一冊 unit 3 Net Changes Life (II) Unit 3 Net Changes Life (II) Part I Warming up A. Time 1. in the 1830s 2. on Aug. 5th, 1858 3. on Nov. 2nd, 1920 4. after World War II 5. in the 1950s 6. on Sep. 25th, 1956 7. in July 19'62 8. today Events a. first radio program broadcasting b. two c
          • Step by Step2000 Unit 4 Colorful Lands,colorful people(I) Unit 4 Colorful Lands,colorful people(I) PartI Warming up A Key words:-est Vocabulary: peninsula altitude trench Greenland the Sahara Desert the Caspian Sea Lake Superior Mt.Qomolangma(Mt.Everest) Baykal Mariana Trench the Nile Here are some statemen
          • Step by Step2000 Unit 5 Colorful Lands, Colorful People Unit 5 Colorful Lands, Colorful People PART I Warming up A. Key words: country population census estimate rank Vocabulary: census estimate federation statistics _______________ Indonesia Pakistan Bangladesh Nigeria You are going to hear some sentence
          • Step by Step2000 Unit 6 From Place to Place Unit 6 From Place to Place Part II B Conversation 1 T-travel agent C1- Customer 1 T: Hello, Villa Rentals, can I help you? C1: Oh, hello. I do hope so. You see my husband and I are looking for a holiday villa and weve heard that you have some nice pl
          • Step by Step2000 Unit 7 Approaching Culture Unit 7 Approaching Culture Part II Museums in the modern world Museums have changed. They are no longer places for the privileged few or for bored vacationers to visit on rainy days. At a science museum in Ontario, Canada, you can feel your hair stan
          • Step by Step2000 Unit 8 Creative Minds Part I A. key words:invent vocabulary:fax/ calendar/ puppet Mercedes-Benz 1.People in England made the first computer. It was built in 1943. It was made to help England understand secret messages during World War two. 2.Someone in Australia invented
          • Step by Step2000 unit 9 visions of the future unit 9 visions of the future A key words business office transport advertising voculary clerical worker client listen to some predictions some people have made about the business world in the next 20 years or so. add missing words to the following st
          • Step by Step2000 unit 10 For peace and development unit 10 for peace and development part 1 a key words exports/trade surplus/gross domestic product(gdp)/annual growth/foreign investment/foreign exchange reserves vocabulary surplus/gross domestic product/fold/capital/reserve listen to some statements
          • Step by Step2000 unit 11 it's great to be a champion unit 11 it's great to be a champion part 1 warming up key words: dash world record hurdle race gold medal marathon high jump long jump javelin event vocabulary: dash hurdle javelin Morocoo Bulgaria Guatemala Kenya Cuba Czech Republic you are going to
          • Step by Step2000 Unit 12 Leisure Time Unit 12 Leisure Time Part I Warming up A. Key words: composer be born die Vocabulary: composer a composer who writes music作曲家 ingenious showing cleverness at making or inventing things有獨創(chuàng )性的,具有創(chuàng )造才能的 renowned well known
          • Step by Step2000 第二冊 unit1 EducatIon Is a Key part 1 warming up A key words: 1. What kind of student comes to___? The answer to this is, there is no oxford type. Common qualities they look for are___, enthusiasm and motivation for youe chosen area of study backed by a strong________. 2. The Univ
          • Step by Step2000 02 Language—A Vehicle in Communication Part I A 1. There are more than 2,700 languages in the world. In addition, there are more than 7,000 dialects. A dialect is a regional variety of a language that has a different pronuniciation, vacabulary, or meaning. 2. The language in which a gover
          • Step by Step2000 03 Getting Ready for the Future Career Unit 3 getting ready for the future career part 1 Warming up A.key words: experience,applicant,Bachelor's Degree.resume,qualified,position, candidates vocabulary: bachelor,resume,image,administration,dynamic,moble,turnover, in excess of, audit, Syrac
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