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          • 走遍全世界:01:全球變暖問題 Global warming may or not be the great environmental crisis of the 21st century, butregardless of weather it is or isn't we won't do much about it. We will argue over it and may even, as a nation, make some fairly solemn-sounding commitments to avoid
          • 走遍全世界 02:老員工更受歡迎 摘要:進入了21世紀,大學生這個稱號除了飽含社會的期望和自豪感之外,低就業率也使大學生這三個字凝聚了更多的尷尬和無奈。與毫無經驗的大學生相比,老員工更受老板的青睞。建議大學
          • 走遍全世界03:地球之外有生命嗎? Since early times, people have been fascinated with the idea of life existing somewhere else besides earth. Until recently, scientists believed that life on other planets was just a hopeful dream. But now they are beginning to locate places where lif
          • 走遍全世界04:正式語言和非正式語言 You probable have noticed that people express similar ideas in different ways depending on the situation they are in. This is very natural. All languages have two general levels of usage a fomal level and an informal level. English is no exception. T
          • 走遍全世界05: 健康是什么? The field of medicine has not traditionally distinguished between someone who is merely not ill and someone who is in excellent health and pays attention to the body's special needs. Both types have simply been called well. In rencent years, however,
          • 走遍全世界06: 城市的發展 More and more of the world's population are living in towns or cities. The speed at which cities are growing in the less developed countries is alarming. Between 1920 and 1960, big cities in developed countries increased two and a half times in size,
          • 走遍全世界07: 父母與壓力 Students' pressure sometimes comes from their parents. Most parents are well meaning, but some of them aren't very helpful with the problems their sons and daughters have in adjusting to college, and a few of them seem to go out of their way to add t
          • 走遍全世界08:如何激勵員工 It is logical to suppose that things like good labor relations, good working conditions, good wages and benefits and job security motivate workers, but one expert, Fredrick Herzberg argued that such conditions do not motivate workers. They are merely
          • 走遍全世界09:“她”經濟 The flood of women into the job market boosted economic growth and changed U.S. society in many ways. Many in-home jobs that used to be done primarily by women ranging from family shopping to preparing meals to doing voluntary work still need to be d
          • 走遍全世界10: 精打細算 Growing inflationary pressure on the Chinese mainland, led by rising food prices, is driving mainland buyers to Hong Kong to fill their shopping carts. 由于物價飛漲,不斷增長的通貨膨脹壓力迫使一些大陸居民選擇赴港購物。
          • 走遍全世界11: 是什么讓消費者掏腰包? 摘要:現在,商業競爭越來越大,如何吸引消費者,如何讓消費者購買更多的產品成為眾多商家最為關注的問題。經過研究發現,消費者的情緒能夠影響其購買欲望。 英語聽力原文: One fact
          • 走遍全世界12: 請保護你的隱私 摘要:每個人都有屬于自己的一番小天地,不喜歡外人的入侵。但是現代科學技術,網絡技術的發展,使得人們的隱私輕易就暴露在公眾面前。如何保護自己的隱私,已成為當今社會的一個熱
          • 走遍全世界13: 充當和平締造者的孩子們 摘要:和平與發展是當今時代的主題。但是在一片和平的氛圍中也有一些不和諧的因素,許多地區仍然有戰亂,而這些戰亂地區的孩子們加入了和平教育項目,即在各種正式與非正式的教育機
          • 走遍全世界14:“被忽視的”老年教育 摘要:老年人是社會的弱勢群體。他們曾為國家的發展進步奉獻了一生。但是許多老年人,在退休之后,并不甘心就這樣退出社會舞臺,他們想要繼續發揮余熱。社會也應該給老年人創造更多
          • 走遍全世界15: 圖書館,再見? 摘要:隨著各種電子產品的開發銷售,紙質類圖書的市場受到了沖擊。尤其是年輕讀者,更傾向于用Pad,phone等電子產品下載電子書看。紙質類圖書的未來會怎么樣,對我們來說都是一個未知數
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